Cosmic Rewind

Hi all,
Apologies if this question has already been answered a thousand times but… how difficult is it to land a CG boarding group, if I’ll be on it at 7am? Equally, if I fail to land one what are chances there will be any LL spots left to buy? I’ll be going in mid/late October.
Any help would be great :slight_smile:

I haven’t been myself, but anecdotal evidence suggests that it’s not too hard to get a boarding group at 7:00. My son was in Epcot yesterday after a morning in the MK, and he didn’t even try to get a boarding group until 2:00 p.m. He got group #160 easily and was in the queue to ride at 6:14 p.m. (Of course, the ride went down and there was a 30+ minute delay, but still – easy to get a boarding group.)

I understand the [fear of] nausea factor is keeping GOTG from being too hard to get. But again – I do not speak from personal experience.


It’s pretty easy at 7 and incredibly easy at 1 if you happen to miss it. I’m not sure how long ILLs last - I always bought at 7 while DS got the boarding group.


ILL$ seem pretty easy

VQ goes fast in the morning but if you are in-park st 1 you can try again and that seems to hang around longer some days.


It was pretty easy for me to get in the morning. I even had time to hesitate on the plans, ended up with BG 12 (don’t tell Joel!)

When I was there in July the system glitched for a second and we missed the 7:00. I still had time to try to figure out we weren’t going to get one and then purchase a ILL. That afterrnoon they hung around for 1.5 hours. You should be able to get 2!


I rode 9 times over 11 park days. …and that’s only because we did not pop over a few times for a VQ.

Zero issues getting a VQ at 7, and we got one during the afternoon drop everytime we hopped over to Epcot.


So useful - thank you all!