Correction: WDW fakes Super Bowl Parade Original: No Super Bowl MVP Parade this year

No parade this year but they are still going to do the “I’m going to Disney World” line and commercial.


Picture of Parade Float actually behind Main Street posted on Disney Parks Blog

Picture of Parade Float taken from the Hub Area

Folks at the TP Blog did good covering this.

Every year, for Super Bowl Sunday, we have a family party where we watch an inspirational football movie, such as Rudy, Remembering the Titans, or The Blindside. (We do this because we don’t care two hoots about football, but in the very least we are “watching some football” while watching the movies.)

Anyhow, this year, we are skipping it entirely, much like WDW is skipping the parade, I guess. But we still might watch a movie. My daughter has been wanting us to watch “Deep Impact” again for some time. (We are totally into disaster flicks!)

We were at MK last year after the Super Bowl and didn’t know they did a parade. Duh.

Given that no other parades are happening, why is this a surprise?

We were at Animal Kingdom for the Super Bowl 4 years ago, it was a great day!

Actual picture from the Hub area taken by TP Blog reporters

Looks like the only sure way to get ROTR Boarding Pass, win the Super Bowl.

Gronk at ROTR