Coronavirus Outbreak: Part 3

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A third thread?!


Nice highlights!!!


Part 2 of my Edited highlights

Florida’s response has been so irresponsible… Especially given how many tourists they have and their demographics… I really hope the warmer weather will help a bit because otherwise it is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Florida really has been a bit cavalier about all this- maybe the weather is what has allowed them to get away with what they (haven’t) done.

I’m starting to wonder about this shelter in place business. Is it for real or only for some?

They have cancelled all “non essential” surgeries.

Universal Orlando is now saying they will be closed through (at least) April 19th. I would assume Disney will be doing the same.

It looks like there was a decline in new cases both nationally and in NYS yesterday. It looks like there was a decline in new cases both nationally and in NYS yesterday. Of course, that’s only one day but at least it’s in the right direction. And since pts. with COVID19 are sick for quite a long time, the crush on parts of the healthcare system is not going to get better for a couple of weeks, at least. In fact, it’s going to get worse for a while, because new cases are still being added in greater numbers than the early cases are being cleared, right now. But I think we’re headed in the right direction. Hopefully. Maybe. With any luck.

I have to ask: is there any info that tells us the virus lives on paper?

WHO has warned against the use of paper money.

China burned a lot of their currency.

Nothing is going to be “fixed” until we an test basically everyone, as in S Korea. Don’t know when that will be even remotely possible here. Testing would allow for better targeting of quarantine, among other things. :unamused: I am in a mood today. sorry.

It’ll happen, because it has to happen. The world’s biggest economy can’t be allowed to grind to a halt because we don’t have enough test kits.

I think we’re all going to have these days and it’s absolutely ok to complain. What I’m trying not to do is wallow in it (and it’s becoming harder and harder!).

I just want to encourage anyone who is really feeling down and anxious or sad to hang on a few days. Hang on. :heart: It’s already a much better outlook just in the new tests and drug trials than what we were looking at 7-10 days ago.

I even confess I’m kind of enjoying this lock down … ok - I’m enjoying it a lot.

What are others doing in terms of trying to ensure that fresh berries are safe to eat (in terms of potential Covid-19 contamination)?

more to follow …


So tired of all this Bullpoopie



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The new guidance is posted…reading now…I still haven’t listened to audio…


#ppehap, yup, that was us. Thanks for the ideas! But we’d pretty much already planned to eat only outside, get a car to avoid busses, etc. If Disney still had distancing, and indoor masks, and the Florida numbers weren’t so awful, maybe. But we’ve been on the wrong side of 1 in 2,000 medical odds before, so it kind of changes your perception about how safe those numbers feel. But at least that time we knew there was nothing we could have done to change it. Plus we know two people struggling badly with long-haul aftereffects. Still haven’t pushed the cancel button, though - things change so fast, 2 1/2 months away still feels like a long time.


mousematt, really interesting to read those. To show you how off I was back then - in March, 2020, I was flying home from Asia. I changed my flight to go the long way around, to avoid connecting through Seoul, because they’d had 40 new cases the week before. Yup, a whopping forty. And so I ended up going through Amsterdam, and flying home on a plane that was full of kids getting sent home from Italy study abroad. Was probably in way more danger on that flight than I would have been in Seoul.


I had a very similar thought when I saw you weren’t able to apply it.

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Anthony Fauci was on Chris Hayes (MSNBC) this evening and explained the data behind the new CDC Guidance.

Dr. Walensky is coming up soon on Rachel Maddow.


I say we reserve Part 3 of the Covid thread exclusively for @sanstitre_has_left_the_building to summarize parts 1 and 2. Then we can start fresh in Part 4. :rofl:




That’s a tough situation. Sorry to hear about your friends with long covid. Obviously, we have some of the same concerns. A lot could change in 2.5 months though. Why not wait and see what happens? @Jeff_AZ shared that model showing a peak in 6 weeks, which seems like a reasonable prediction.


The new guidance had a link to the updated data…off to read that next…


True, I admire your wait n’ see attitude.

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terp05, absolutely. You are right, we will wait and see. Luckily, we didn’t actually tell our grandchildren about this trip - they were so sad when we cancelled last year that we figured we’d wait, just in case!


If the CDC actually gave straightforward guidance on masks from day 1 the government wouldnt have to advertise themselves as “credible” and we wouldnt be in this mess. Now nobody believes them anymore inclusing Disney. I’ll bet we don’t hear a peep out of the hot and bothered facebook moms while they are in the parks maskless amd secretly enjoying themselves…until they return home to be social media vigilantes.

As a vaccinated person I dont give a rat’s ass about any able adult making a decision to expose themselves. Its not my responsibility to wear a mask anymore. Im done.



I’m sensing that there is some reluctance to a third covid thread and I would just like to make my case for it staying open…

(Time lapse - I’ve just typed out and deleted a whole big sob story about my woes over the past couple of months which was moderately cathartic but mostly irrelevant to the points I want to make, so back to the present…)

  1. Containment is very important!!! This thread will likely stop the spread of Covid to other threads in the forum. Kind of like a quarantine :wink:

  2. Ventilation!!! I like to vent :joy:. I also like to know what’s bothering other people, mostly because I don’t like to bother people so I want to make sure that I’m not the source of what’s bothering others! I know that there’s a consensus about people not having their minds changed on the internet, but I have certainly shifted my perspective on a lot of things (not just regarding Covid) from reading about things from other people’s point of view.

  3. Isolation. As a slight summary from what I edited out earlier, I personally feel like I am on a completely different page from about 99% of people I know in the real world. Some people here in forumland sometimes express views that I can relate to and it makes me not feel alone/crazy :crazy_face:

  4. FACTS!!! @amvanhoose_701479 is just an encyclopedia of information and research. I am not sure if she has another outlet for her summaries, so if we can allow her space here to do so I think there are lots of us who will continue to appreciate it :woman_teacher:t3:.


We could have been your shoulder to cry on!