Coronavirus Outbreak: Part 3

Annually for most but every six months for people like me (over 60 with one or more health issues) is what was reported on my local news this morning?

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Ah - I see. I wonder if it will be the same version though as I don’t think they’ll reformular more than annually.

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I would fall in the every 6 months category too, I’ve not heard that reporting yet, thanks for sharing. and I WILL willingly roll up my sleeves 2x a year

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I don’t know if this will open for you but here is an article that includes “older adults”.


I have mixed feelings about the info in this article :upside_down_face: Thank you for the link!

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If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a Saturday Night Live parody commercial.

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I think this article gave more details about the debate around the new recommendations, but still similar

FDA proposes switching to annual coronavirus vaccine, mimicking flu model - The Washington Post


Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee January 26, 2023 Meeting Announcement - 01/26/2023 | FDA

You can watch a recording of the meeting from that link. I’m sure @amvanhoose_701479 will summarize :wink: or maybe not b/c it’s 9hrs of meeting time. :exploding_head:


No. Just no


:sweat_smile: YLE has us covered:


Whatever level of Jumanji we’re on, can I tap out? :confused:

Houston was hit with 4 tornados on Tuesday. Including this beast:

That cell passed over my house and then my kids’ school just before the tornado formed.

DS13.1 was texting with me from the hallway they were sheltering in. Amazingly, from what I’ve heard, no major injuries. Lots of damage, though. (ETA: In the path of the tornado, not his school.)

Our area just has fences down. This trampoline was relocated to the road just outside my subdivision:

And then this morning it was 32 degrees. Because, why not? :woman_shrugging:

I’m so done.


Yikes. Glad you and yours are safe.


I’m just :broken_heart: for the families impacted. The two school districts hit the hardest are adjacent to ours and we’re matched to them for lots of junior high and high school regular season sports so we interact with them a lot. We were just over there a few weeks ago for a cross country meet for the DS13s.

One school district is able to re-open tomorrow and the other is still closed. They interviewed one of the principals. Pretty much every staff member had the windows blown out of their car in the parking lot, at a minimum. Lots of families displaced or without power.


I’m so sorry.


Oh! That is terrible!




I found the clip. There are some pictures of the parking lot right at the end.

Some schools made the ill-conceived decision to tell parents they were still doing normal dismissal right in the middle of it. I think they were thinking to try to get students off campus to their parents and home before things got bad and possible flooding but timing was off. Everyone is revisiting those decisions. Here is video from one of the car rider pickup lines:
Those pipes! :scream:

Our district did a pretty good job communicating out that they were sheltering in place and dismissals were on hold until they gave an “all clear”. But, there was some confusion because a bit earlier they said all after-school activities were cancelled, which put some commuting parents on the road from work into the middle of it.




I’m just floored by some of the damage images and videos I’ve seen of this to the southeast of us. At one point we were in the warning, but weather at our house never looked anything like your lightning map. I’m thankful it wasn’t an on campus day for us because sheltering with hundreds of kids is not high on my to-do list.


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