Coronavirus Outbreak: Part 2

So I’m hearing we need a thread on how to RD vaccinations? :crazy_face:


RD?? What’s this mean plz

Did Anyone see the story on the evening news last night about an airline that’s going to be requiring passengers to be vaccinated before being allowed to fly? They said it would be once there was a vaccination and they were able to fill more seats. I think this was discussed on another thread, but I’m not sure how they would validate that somebody had been vaccinated.?

She joking around about rope dropping for vaccines.

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ohhhhhh, TY… well, I’m all for RDing vaccinations too :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Another karate tournament - this time Fort Walton Beach. Those two groups taking selfies on the beach may look as tho they’re not social distancing but we’re actually all together.

Drove in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama to get to Florida. Mask compliance was amazing, imo. Sometimes not totally properly but there were a lot of masks. Even way off the beaten path in MS and AL.

Stayed in yet another Hilton property, which has a LOT of proper mask wearing. The front desk keeps a box of masks handy to thrust at unmasked guests.

eta: apparently most schools took the week off or they’re virtual. We saw no schools in session. Which was the other, besides masks, reason for this post. (not the beach pic)


The the beach pic is lovely. If you have a car make the drive between Navarre and Pensacola beach. It was my favorite thing to do when I lived there. If the sun comes out you’ll see why they call it the emerald coast

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Completely word of mouth, but my neighbor live half in my city and half time outside Houston. Her primary res is Houston, husband lives their full time. She said her primary called her last week and said TX will be one of the first places to get the vaccines. She’s definitely high risk and her doc is scheduling her to get one just as soon as the official date is set.


There are six major metropolitan areas that will be handling their own vaccination distribution rather than being part of their state plans. That was mentioned in several sources, but I haven’t been able to find a list anywhere. I’m really hoping Houston is one of them and that my area will be part of it. I’ll be a pretty low priority, though.

And everyone be aware of this. I really hope it doesn’t scare off too many people, but it’s better to be transparent.

Oh, and this. DO NOT TOUCH!!! :scream::scream::scream:


That looks amazing. I so want to go to the beach. We would have gone last summer…there are some near us but we just didn’t want to venture out. The ones near us aren’t big.

Is that a fin in the water? As in a marine animal? :open_mouth:

Awesome photo.

So, I just got back from Walmart and the security guard, who says he’s a retired pharmacist started talking to me about the vaccine. He says he’s worried the RNA they’ll be using in the vaccine will disrupt other things in our bodies or possibly activate otherwise inactive genes that may cause other diseases, like cancer. I suppose it’s possible, but I’ve got to think these pharmaceutical companies have thought of things like that. They don’t want class-action lawsuits 10 years from now.

Then again, he was saying something about using a steamer (inhaling steam) for about 15 minutes every day after work to kill the virus that might be in his nasal passages. So I’m taking all that he said with a huge grain of salt. I mean, if just using a steamer every time you got home worked, we would have all been told to do that, not wear masks.


It could be a bird diving in to catch fish too. But great eye! Dolphins can be seen in that area too.

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I saw it mentioned in the lead but didn’t watch the whole newscast. Apparently it was Quantas speaking of international flights.

I know Texas already has an immunization registry but I’ve never paid too much attention to it. The records from our pediatrician were always sufficient, but I think people that get required immunizations from clinics rather than a family doctor utilize it more.

They apparently have been beefing it up because it will be critical for everyone to get the matching second dose of the Covid vaccine, plus for tracking once they sort out how boosters might work.

ETA: I saw someone on Facebook bragging how they already fake flu shot paperwork to get around their employer’s requirement and they plan to do the same for the Covid vaccine. I expect they’re going to make the bar a bit higher to cheat on this one.


It might be. A bunch of dolphins were about a few hours earlier.


At face value this man has led a pretty full life! but yes, grain of salt, lol.

Wow, that’s something!

Hee hee. I have very sharp elbows and know how to use them- after all, I was a forward on my HS basketball team…

Tell you what- you go first and I’ll defend us from the wild stampede!

Had an interesting Zoom visit with a pair of pulmonologists at Mayo. They said that my CT scans from the summer looked for all the world like COVID- but that’s not what it was since I was basically asymptomatic except for the chest pain and had a negative COVID PCR (plus, my state had cases in the single digits at that time).

They said it was likely another unknown atypical virus or bacterial infection, unlikely to be lupus pneumonitis yay! And they expect a full recovery, double yay.

But just goes to show you how many weird little organisms are out there, many completely unknown, most causing no large-scale epidemics but popping up here and there, all the time. And then one like SARS C0V2 comes along with some tiny advantage and manages to wreak havoc.


Haha, I’d be the first one to touch that, too.


Oh thanks. I heard it discussed again today. They compared it yellow fever inoculation requirements. When that bit was referenced it made more sense.