Coronavirus Outbreak: Part 2

I’m not sure I could even get us in before we leave…appointments are very scarce!

From my personal experience and people I know that have had reactions, I would allow 72 hours between vaccination and anything you want to be on your A-game.

We had ours around 4pm Thu and were fine the rest of the day. Friday we could barely function. Mostly just tired Saturday and into Sunday somewhat. Felt perfectly fine on Monday.

Anecdotally, I haven’t heard of anyone struggling beyond that. (Has anyone here?). And lots of people having zero issues.

I would definitely try to get it before going if possible, allowing 72 hours recovery.

Try CVS or whichever of the Federal Retail Pharmacy partners are in your area. They seem to be somewhat better organized with online appointments.

Also, make sure you are up to date with your contact info at whatever health care providers you use, and see if they have recommendations.

We have several large hospital systems here plus our city that put our social media posts when sign ups are available, so look back fir those kind of things so you know which platforms and profiles to stalk.


Just made my first attempt at in-store grocery shopping since the Texas governor dropped the mask mandate a week ago. Businesses are allowed to require masks, and they can legally ask those not complying to leave. Some counties (not mine) have put in place their own mask mandates, but the governor has restricted them from imposing any penalties for non-compliance. (Some are defying him on that.)

I intentionally went to Kroger (who has stated they will continue to require masks for both customers and staff) instead of my usual HEB (where mask usage is “requested” by customers and required by staff).

Within 3 minutes of being in Kroger, I saw 2 customers with no masks whatsoever and 3 staff with their masks under their chins. 1 was in a close huddle with 2 other staff (who were masked), and 1 was walking through the store talking on her cell phone with no regard for physical distancing.

So grocery store compliance has dropped from about 99% to maybe 80%, in a store where it is supposedly required. (I have no idea what compliance looks like at HEB right now. I’ve seen some social media comments, mostly from friends-of-friends, about how great it is to be able to go there without a mask.)

I turned around and walked out. Sent a customer experience comment on the corporate website.

Houston area ICUs are currently still at 104% of capacity. (“Only” 19% are Covid cases now, though, so at least that’s an improvement.)

I went instead to Sprouts, where the compliance was 99% (just a few “nose peekers” that were easily avoided) but they are too boutique and pricey to do my full shopping for a household of 7. Got what I needed for the next couple of days, then I guess I’ll do an HEB curbside order, which is always a dice roll on what you’re actually going to get. At least until I’m 2 weeks past vaccination.


Also anecdotally, but it seems those who have already had Covid are more likely to have a stronger reaction. Maybe your system recognized the virus after all, @amvanhoose. Pfizer also seems to have the fewest side effects (but still knocked out a friend who had covid last summer.) I only felt somewhat crummy but generally functional the day of the shot (received at 8 am) but was 100% the next day.

Re: Texas being open - I’ve only been into Costco and Academy near me and both had great mask compliance. But also, I live in the city, where people have been more willing to wear masks.

Well. Minus the huge crowds on Washington over the weekend. :woman_facepalming: But I’m also still of the camp that these are the people who were already going about as if nothing was different. I just feel for anyone working IN the clubs and restaurants.

I’m torn constantly between feeling all hopeful and thinking it’s all going to fall apart any second. :woman_shrugging: It’s a tight race.


That had occurred to me! DH and DM both have had Covid and had strong reactions. But DMIL had a strong reaction as well, and as far as we know, she hasn’t had any exposure at all. (We thankfully didn’t go anywhere near them when our household would have been contagious.)

I know that Costco was very proactively enforcing mask usage even before Texas got its mandate, so I’m not surprised. I’m expecting ours to stay that course so expect I’ll be ok venturing in there. (Last I heard, they were providing curbside for anyone trying to claim a medical exception, even.)


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And an off-topic but yet on-topic comment on the forum’s biggest off-topic thread…

If anyone wants to give feedback on my upcoming June trip to WDW/UOR, here’s the thread for that…


I did have one coworker who had symptoms for about a week after her shots. Full on feverish flu like symptoms. She had previously had covid though, so her immune system really kicked in

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The amount of women, (and men from what my DH says) that didn’t wash after using the restroom. I would make actual icking noises and scrunch up my face. I’d grab a paper towel and use it to open the door because EW!

I was married to a germaphobe long before Covid, I’ve been seeing this for years. I’m glad the rest of the world is catching on to the importance of WASHING YOUR HANDS! (non judgy, yelling voice)


Or anyone who enjoys football.

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So one of my kids got really sick today and despite an ER dr telling us that it isn’t covid I totally think it is covid and am sterilizing everything. I know I’m almost certainly wrong, but it’s such a sneaky disease that it can be anywhere at any time and anything. Like a shape shifter in a sci fi story…my child is getting better…but I am horrified that we had to set foot in an ER. The one vaccinated person in the family took the child there.


Will pray for a quick recovery!

At least that’s progress in terms of protection.

This whole situation is just exhausting.


If it’s any reassurance, as part of my ongoing saga of pulmonary issues, they have tested me for 14 virus, 6 bacterial and a several fungal organisms. And COVID- several times. So there’s a lot out there that isn’t COVID. Of course, these are just the ones they know about. Some viruses just never make enough of a wave to be on the diagnostic radar screen at all, especially if the illness they cause isn’t life-threatening.

Also, at the height of the COVID epidemic here, my friend was completely sure her 26 yo son had COVID- since the 24 yo son had just had it. But he had mono!

Here’s an interesting story from my state. We had a huge jump in cases (422, which for us is a lot). It turned out to be a delayed report of 370 cases from an Air Force base, going all the way back to 2020.

Now, there could have been a reporting glitch. There could have been lots of things- it’s happened in other counties when they went to clean up their data.

But I also think the government would probably not want to publicize an outbreak on an important military installation until it’s all over, in the interest of national security. We also have a lot of nukes, although I don’t know if they’re under the purview of that particular base.

Kinda makes you wonder- well it makes me wonder, anyway, which is sort of an easy task. :rofl:


I hope they feel better soon and the doctor is right.


I hope your child recovers soon and that what they diagnosed is what he/she has. A friend of mine was really sick and the dr kept testing her for COVID and it kept coming up negative, but dr was insistent that’s what it was. She continued getting progressively sicker for 3 weeks before they tested her and got a positive result for strep.

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I didn’t feel well for a week (ish) after my first Pfizer. Sore arm was gone in 24 hours but by day 3 I felt awful. Cold chills (no fever), muscle aches, fatigue and weirdly, crazy heartburn. I woke up one day and it was all better. We had suspected that I had Covid early on but was not tested. So although anecdotal, that may be why. DH had the sore arm and some mild aches. My second dose is Saturday and I’m wondering/worrying if it will be better? worse? same? DH is wondering if it will hit him harder this time. We shall see.

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Sick kids are so hard. Hang in there.


Ack. You guys are all scaring me. DH is off to get his vaccine right this instant. And we leave for Disney this evening. I’m going to be so sad for him if he has a bad reaction.


Really bad reactions are rare! It seems lingering minor aches and pains are more common but if he has those you can just take it easy and be grateful that Disney right now is a different animal too aka more laid back and relaxed.


It will all be fine!


He’s home. Got Moderna, which I’m a little surprised about. I think most folks in our county have been getting Pfizer. We can definitely deal with a slow day, if necessary. I’m mostly worried about a fever where he wouldn’t be able to get on the plane with us. That would suck.

I think all of my covid-anxiety is just coming to a head right now. Realistically, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Thanks for the reassurances!