Coronados Springs Conferences

Does anybody know how we can find out in advance if there will be conferences when we are staying here in September / October 2022? Is there a number to call or a website ?


I’m not sure.

Is there a reason you’re interested to know this?

So you can look at this link. Not sure exactly how accurate it is? I have glossed over it a few times when we were planning to stay at coronado. Just to get a sense of how much was going on at the resort while we were there. I can say that we did stay a weekend before while a convention was going on and not too much was affected at the resort. More people around but the amenities didnt seem to suffer.

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This is a good one as well-

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Hi because we are staying there then and just are interested to plan meals etc.

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Thank you

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Thank you, good to know.

I thought that might be what @swatkins1971 was after in their question, and was going to reassure them of this.

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I know the former VP was going to be speaking at a conference at YC the first weekend in February and I was concerned about extra security in the area, but I was worried for nothing.