Coronado springs tower opening

We’re staying at the new Coronado Springs resort tower at club level on July 14-15. It opens July 9, so everything should be brand spanking new. I know already it will be awesome, but I’m curious if anyone has experience staying at a newly opened Disney resort. Is there even more pixie dust in the air than usual?

I haven’t … but we’re staying there at the end of August and are hoping a similar brand new feeling!

We stayed at Copper Creek this past January and it felt nice an fresh, but no extra magic to speak of.

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Just made reservations for the tower for end of August! Am thinking of upgrading them to club level. Wondering what their CL will be like?

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We booked club level through MVT. I’m really hoping it’s comparable to the others on property (maybe better since they need to make a good first impression…). We plan to use it quite a lot since it will be blazing hot and we’ll limit our park time.

Same here! I hope its great. I never stayed there before and i dont know what the business level was like, but we did stay at yacht cl once, and that was super, so I have high hopes!

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