Coronado Springs room request

We are about 40 days away from our trip. I am trying to decide which building to request for our trip. Has anyone stayed there lately? Which buildings are open? Which bus stop is first? Thanks so much!

@Tall_Paul1 stayed there and if I recall, GDT was the last stop. Can’t remember which was first!

I think it’s casitas, ranchos, cabanas, tower for the bus route.

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Stop one is last at main building. Stop 4 is first at cabanas

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That was the route when I last stayed there in September 2019, buses go around the resort clockwise.


Yep, everyone here is correct on the order for the park buses. Tower is first for DS though I think. It looks easy enough on the map to jump to different bus stops as needed, but being there in person, the vastness of the property really stood out, so some planning to be near an earlier stop, if rope dropping, can’t be overstated. It’s a hike from one to the next.