Coronado Springs Resort (CSR)

NOPE. we were JUST there, and in the pool this week. The Casita pool is heated and open for 24 hrs

I walked by it twice today and closed sign both time.

hmmm. I dunno. we were in it.

Maybe it’s just a cleaning thing or they decided to close it after you left?

just hop the fence. haha

It might say closed but the gate could be unlocked???

I’m not sure i even saw or noticed any signs. The bell service gentleman that drove us in the cart to our room, said it was open 24 hours, lights were on, we went in. I’m even confident CM’s saw us.

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Hmmm I thought I remembered quiet pools closing at 10pm but if bell services said 24/7 jump in!

I just booked CSR and was looking at Casitas. Did you have standard or preferred? Let me know your room number. Working on my room request now! Booked standard.

I booked in Cabana’s. Many standard view 8000 building actually have a pool view. 8808 was a standard view but if you look at room finder it’s right outside the quiet pool. It’s a quick walk to a bus stop, the main building and main pool area too. It was a King bed though.

Only Tower and Casitas were open in Jan, while we were there. We were in a Standard, Casita bldg 4. I requested this as it is closest to the 1st bus stop to parks. Prefered gets you closer to the food court, and front desk, but farther from the bus stop. right now its Bus Station 2 (first stop), and the Tower, station 1 (2nd stop)

So … if you are in the standard Casitas, take any park bus as a ride to the Tower and front desk, and food court.

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Casitas pool was open when we were there 1/3-1/8. Not 24 hours but 7am-11pm

Of course everything is subject to change from day to day.

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Hello, looking at rooms in Cabanas 8C, upper level for more quiet experience. Does anyone have a good room request recommendation? We definitely would like close proximity to the tower.

I always request 8c at CSR, I think all the rooms are good but the ones closest to the walkway are

8850-8853, 8840 is a king bed opening out to quiet pool gate


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