Coronado Springs Resort (CSR)

30 Day count-down !!! Our family think we are crazy for 3rd WDW trip during a pandemic.
(week at CBR, then Pop for a long weekend, now week at CSR)

Trying CSR Casitas again. Love the resort, refurbished rooms, slightly less cost than CBR, and with no conventions right now, couldn’t pass up the chance to stay at the CSR again.

A little worried we will regret the food court being closed, but the bars are open so …


I love CSR! I hope you have a great time! I am adding, I am very jealous!

It is sad if the food court is closed but we were very happy with Rix the other night

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how were the CSR buses at park opening and closing?

I cannot say. We just went there for dinner recently and stayed there last year prepandemic

Lol, currently contemplating a 3rd trip as well. Just so hard to pass up these flight and hotel deals. We will never see any deals like this again. Enjoy yourself and stay safe.


I have a third trip planned as well - this one solo. First trip in August with my girls. Second trip in October with a friend. Solo trip in late January. Hoping it’s warm enough to try out the slide at BWV. :wink:


We have our 2nd pandemic trip booked for March, staying in CSR for the first time. Debated switching to CBR for the Skyliner but really interested in checking out CSR and hopeful it’ll be a good fit for our family. Hope you have a blast!

I’ve noticed a lot of repeat guests during the pandemic. I just booked our second pandemic trip. We ended up with so much Southwest travel funds from flight changes that our airfare this trip is 100% free! We came home this past trip with $500 from our budget that we didn’t use, simply bc with so fewer meals open we over estimated how much we’d need.Family of 3, budget $1200 for 8 days, only used $700. So that $500 is almost enough for food this time also. just gotta cover room and tickets. We opted for a value over our usual deluxe, so it feels like its almost free, lol!


We stayed at the CSR Cabanas in April 2019 for a no-kids trip. It was great! We had no issues with transportation/bus (it was our kids Spring Break week, so much busier than our previous early February trips).


thats good news. I was most worried about transportation buses.

Completed 3rd pandemic WDW trip the week before x-mas and stumbled on this thread trying to find out more info on Coronado Springs. About two months ago had booked ASMovies for the first week in March with a discount that made the rooms about 99$/night on average. Have never stayed there before and figured the kids would like the oversized decor. Also, given that this will be trip no. 4 since July, the price was right. After they moved back the opening date for ASMovies a couple weeks ago to later in March, I sat back and waited for my phone call. It came today and was offered Pop or a CSR preferred room. I love the Skyliner but have never stayed at CSR before and for the ASMovies price it was an easy choice. We got annual passes for the first time in Jan 2020 and figure we might as well get as much use as we can. Probably will sneak in one more trip in late May (no.5) before they expire. My newest scheme is to use my WDW obsession as the ultimate dangling carrot to help get in better shape…that is, once the annual pass runs out, no more Disney trips for me until I’m at least able to run (and I mean jog) in one of the half-marathons. I used to run and in my mind’s delusional frame of reference still identify with this activity even though it has been over a decade since I have done so with any persistent regularity


On 10 day count down to our return to CSR !!!


Just completed a week at CSR. Group of adults. We like this resort.

We didn’t explore allot, but Rix had decent bar food. It was good, if you are there, not a destination restaurant. Three Bridges has smaller plates menu items, and a few evenings had 55 minute wait, after park closing. It is all open air seating. The food was good and better than Rix. Three Bridges has a mobile order to go option on the ap. We didn’t do the El Mercado food court, as it had EXTREMELY limited options during our stay.

I was shocked how good the bus service was. For the whole week, we never waited for a bus. We didn’t wait at the resort, we didn’t wait at the parks to return to the resort. A bus always there within 5 minutes. ( Low attenandce week in mid Jan with 1/2 of the resort closed)

Casita bus stop (station 2) is currently the first stop for PARK buses. We requested Casita 4, very close to this bus stop, refurbished rooms. Tower is the second stop. (Stops 3 and 4 are currently closed). So anyone staying in the Casitas can take any park bus as a ride to the tower, or front desk or merch shop.

We are usually debating a stay at CSR vs CBR and skyliner. This trip, the updated rooms and new tower won out, given great bus service. If CBR does a room refurb the battle would heat up again. CBR rooms are getting tired and need TLC. This trip we didn’t miss the skyliner, and like the refurbished rooms.


Nice info as I will be there in 12 days. Also @jennyturin you are correct that stop 2 is the first stop!


Absolutely perfect. I think I might get out there at 8:30am or you think 9am is good enough?

I saw on another forum, that someone this week, was placed in the Cabanas 8C. That bus station is closed, its no where near Casita bus stop, and long walk to the tower stop. I strongly suggest using the TP room request for Casita and try to avoid this.

we used TP room request, asked for 2 rooms near each other (gave both reservations numbers), asked for top floor, building 4 - stand rooms. Got it all.

Also, Casita has a 24 hour heated, quiet pool. some in our group didn’t take a swim suit and regretted it.


When does Epcot open? @tline35 any intel on when first bus will leave for Epcot?


The casita pool is currently closed. The cabanas and dig site are both open