Coronado Springs not reopening right away

I received a late-night message from my TA that our reservation in August at Gran Destino needs to get switched to a different resort.

We’re currently waiting to see if she can get us into the Poly, Beach Club or Boardwalk.

Not to complain given the relative minor situation but we booked the club level at Gran Destino and there seems to be zero club availability at any resort.

I’m posting about this in case others are booked at CS or specifically GD and maybe haven’t been notified yet. When I logged into MDE, there is no message about needing to change hotels. I only know because of my TA.

After some digging on I found this regarding proposed opening dates:

July 10 Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Contemporary Resort
July 29 Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
August 12 Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
August 24 Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Disney’s Beach Club Resort
September 21 Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
October 1 Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
October 14 Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Disney has also announced club level services are, at the moment, suspended. Not sure if there is any reason to book club level.

Right. I knew the clubs would be unavailable at first…with no promise of when they might reopen.

It’s just a pile of unknowns with possible changes at any time. For people who like to plan it’s rather challenging.

It is one of the NBA hotels and based on those dates, they have it closed right up until 2 days after the season ends. I assume their projection is for all the higher-seeded teams to be the ones to make it into the playoffs and the lower seeds will be gone from Yacht Club and Grand Floridian in time for a slightly earlier open? …or, they move teams as the playoffs go on as needed?

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I would imagine it’s because of Club Level which has been suspended resort-wide indefinitely.

Although there are plenty of other rooms in the tower, and isn’t check-in for CS over there now too?

Anyway, re: your TA working on it - know that the TA line queue was closed for the day by 0705 this morning (it opens at 0700). I am disgusted over it as I have been trying for three days now to help a client who, like you, is booked at a resort that is not going to open. She wants to decide whether to keep or cancel but wants to know this piece first. And I can’t get her an answer. Please be patient and kind with your TA and know that he/she is working as hard as they can

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Oh, I love our TA. We actually got to meet her & her family last year when we all stayed at Gran Destino. She has been a total hero. Plus, I live by “do unto others…” as best as I can!

So, we are now rebooked at Poly, Theme Park view. Disney honored our quoted price from the original booking. I really couldn’t be happier with that result. I know we are going to limit time at the parks because it will still be hot. No better place to chill than the Poly.


You’re right. I read somewhere that as teams get knocked out, the remaining ones will be moved to CS as it is considered the hub for the NBA while they are there.

I was briefly looking forward to bumping into some Celtics but then I learned that Tacko Fall likely will not be in attendance.

that is a fantastic end result! Yay

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You won’t have a message I guess because only your TA can change the reservation. Therefore there is no need for them to add a message for you.