Coronado Springs in March

I am travelling to Coronado Springs in March. I have stayed at POR but this is my first time at CSR. I understand that there are room refurbishments in progress. I would like to request a refurbished room. What do you think are the chances of that happening? The drinks dispenser at the Dig Site - does it also dispense hot chocolate or just sodas?

Where did you end up staying and how was it

Can’t speak for the original poster, but I stayed at CSR at the end of March. I was in Room 8651 (Building Cabanas 8B), and it was awesome. Water view room, and the was beautiful. Minimal noise. Close to Bus Stop 4 (and buses were never full - I usually was at the bus stop by 8:00-8:15). Manageable walk to El Centro. I didn’t spend much time at the resort, as I was in the parks from open to close, but I loved coming back to my room at night and waking up there each morning for the view alone.

Is bus stop 4 the first drop off at night?

No - 2nd to last.

What is the first?

Stop 2, in the Casitas area of the resort.