Coronado Springs Construction

When do you think construction on Coronado Springs will be completed? Is it worth staying there in the meantime?
My husband has a conference in Orlando in early February. Conference hotels in include Coronado Springs and Disney Springs hotels. Our two toddlers and I will tag along and spend at least some days hanging-out around our hotel while he is working. Do I book Coronado and risk construction on the recreation areas bleeding into February or book a Disney Springs resort? Thoughts? Experiences?

The construction in total is not expected to be complete until a little over a year from now, so still underway in February. Most of that seems to be located at the new tower area, though the dig site area is expected to be closed this fall through December (assuming they are on timeā€¦ kind of rare for Disney construction). Most guests currently are not reporting that the construction is interfering with their stay, but the impact may be related to both guest location and level of tolerance for minor inconveniences.

Are the DS hotels any of the ones included in the 60 day FPP and similar on-site amenities?

Hmmm. Thanks. I am mostly concerned about access to playgrounds and pools and less concerned about other construction. Hilton Buena Vista Palace is another option.

Digsite includes pool. Supposed to be done by then but if they run behind it could be a problem for you