Coronado or Caribbean for business trip

Which resort would you choose CS or CBR for a trip where it will be 4 women in a room. We will be at a conference at the Swan for 3 days and will have 2 additional days to see the parks. Even though we will not be in the room much the size of the room will be our main reason for choosing our resort. We can Uber each day so the pick up spot for Uber at the resort could also be a factor. The resort layout and amenities aren’t that important. So which resort do you think has the best room layout and size and convenient pickup for Uber?

I personally prefer CS over CBR. I will not stay at CBR again and I love Corondado.

Before they started the demolition…um, construction at CBR it was my go-to favorite. Once they have an actual food place again and not just a tent I will likely go back (I am gluten-free and do not trust the tent set-up).

I stayed at CSR once and hated it.

But for a business trip. CSR is a convention hotel, so it probably has more business amenities.

CS has various suites and preferred rooms, in addition to the standard rooms. Those would give more room. CB and CS have identical size standard rooms, but looking at photos on Disney’s site, it looks like CB rooms have 2 sinks while CS has only 1. CS has a spa and gym. All these are located in the Casitas section, which is just left of the main lobby/restaurant building. The first bus stop pickup and dropoff is #2, which is near the Casitas. This site has lots of CS info:

We (DH and I) stayed in a standard room in Casitas building 4, and found it very convenient. I can’t speak regarding Uber/Lyft there.

EDIT: Seems the updated rooms at CS have 2 sinks now, based on photos I saw on other sites. Yay!

Since your not counting on Disney Transportation, my pick is CS … For those who would count on Disney Transportation, the Bus service at CS is Meh.