Coral Reef

This question was asked back in 2014, so I wanted to see if there are any new reviews. Any opinion on Coral Reef?

Just following. I’m curious about this myself.

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We ate there in December of 2015 and had a good experience. Good quality seafood, very attentive waiter who was very good (probably the best of our trip) and and a really unique environment with the giant aquarium to watch. Desserts were very tasty too. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back, although with all the great Epcot restaurants to choose from it’s not a must do every trip. If you have young kids, they will love the aquarium I’d imagine…

I’d always heard mixed reviews and been reluctant, but the family was glad we finally tried it on our last trip.

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We went last trip and had a good experience. Ate dinner there on arrival day so we were all very tired. We thought the food was good. Everyone found something they liked. We really enjoyed watching the aquarium and thought the atmosphere was fun. We had eaten there one time before, and both times, the wait for our table was almost unbearably long (longer than for any other ADR I’ve ever had) but I’m not sure if that was bad luck or if that is common at Coral Reef. If the menu appeals to your group, I recommend.

FWIW, we got in very quick for our ADR at Coral Sea - probably around a 7PM ADR. It’s likely luck of the draw and dependent somewhat on party size (we had 3) and what tables are clearing out. Our only really long wait last trip was Biergarten (party of 7) where it was a half hour wait despite being around a 4:30 ADR.

Good to know that it was just bad luck. I’m not sure what time our ADR was but we are a party of 6. We waited more than an hour (the first visit was more like 30-40 minutes). We enjoyed the food but my kids were falling asleep at the table after that wait.

So it sounds like it’s not as bad as the reviews I’ve read. We DO have a party of 7. I don’t necessarily mind waiting, I just don’t want the food to be awful. – The kids aren’t huge seafood eaters, but I imagine they will eat the chicken and be ok.

An hour is pretty ridiculous. I was annoyed at half an hour at Biergarten. At least you had a nice quiet meal with the sleeping kids :slight_smile:

We ate there a few years ago and thought the quality of the food was very good. I didn’t know what the interior was like until we got there (I knew there was the aquarium but not how the tables were configured). We had a decent table but were not on the lowest level.
My sister & her family just ate there last week and said it was excellent.
We’re from RI and live 5 minutes from the ocean. We have access to excellent, fresh seafood everyday. Coral Reef met with our approval. :slight_smile:

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