Coral Reef Restaurant Candlelight Processional Dining Package

We ate here and it was short on all fronts. The food was meh. The chef however, did come out to greet us and checked on our food allergies, which was just nice on their end. But the restaurant was packed, the wait was killing us, and by the time we were done, the line for the Candlelight Processional (Neal Patrick Harris) snaked from the American Theater all the way to Morocco. We got our seats, but that was crazy. The line continued even farther on after we arrived.

TP gives it 2.5 stars and I agree. Too expensive for what you get. If you want to be luxury, then do it. But it falls short.
In terms of the Candlelight Package, it is necessary, especially for someone this popular. They do first come, first served seating for those with the dining package before everyone else. If you are on standby, you probably won’t have any good luck if that’s how crazy the lines are. We reserved late, and were lucky to get this. If we had our choice, we probably would’ve done Le Cellier or Tutto Italia.

CR seems to be one of the most uneven reataurants in WDW. The times I’ve been there (recently, lunch only) I’ve never had much of a wait, I’ve always gotten a table in the first two rows by the aquarium, had very good service, and at least “decent” (and sometimes very good) food. But there certainly many others who have had similar experinces to yours. It’s such a unique setting, it’s a shame they cannot find a way to run it better. When it first opened, it was a “signature” restaurant with very upscale selections (DW and I had an anniversary dinner there); I wish they would go back to that - at least at dinner…