Coral Reef and Sci-Fi Seating

I read that someone had mentioned to sit on the tank when dining at Coral Reef. Is this something that can be requested when doing an ADR? I mistakenly forgot to request this when I made my ADR. Can I add this request? I dont see the option to add/edit for requests? Even if I were to do so, do they usually/always/sometimes honor such a request to sit at the tank while dining? If the request isnt honored, is it still worth going?

With respect to Sci-Fi, we have a party of 5. Is this a place best to go for dinner/lunch and is there any special request for seating that you recommend? Thank you.

Regarding Coral Reef, we requested to sit by the tank when we arrived for our reservation, even if it meant waiting a bit longer. Of note, I’m not sure that a party of 5 can sit at the tank. I think I remember it being only tables for 4 at the tank, but my memory could be wrong. Maybe someone else can comment. At Sci-fi, I think there are tables and cars with 3 rows that might accommodate a party of 5, but maybe someone else has been there recently.

I believe all the seating at Coral Reef faces the big tank. IIRC it’s tiered seating so that everyone has a view of the tank. I think your worst case might be a table where the aquarium would be 90 degrees from your chair - there are also lots of circular booths with the table part towards the aquarium which offer nice views. Maybe I’m mistaken, but from what I observed it would be tough to not have a great view of the aquarium. Note - we weren’t right at the tank, but back a couple of sections, but still had a great view to watch the fish.

We did breakfast at Sci-Fi on our last trip & it was pretty good. Think I liked the breakfast more than the last time we were there for dinner - but the dinner was long ago. I’d just figure out what works well for your schedule. Do note that with 5 at Sci-Fi you will probably be split up 2-2-1 in the cars & everyone faces the same way to view the movie which can make conversations awkward. Although that could be a feature after a long day :smile:


Thank you both for the info.

Sitting near (not really “on”) the tank is a first-come-first-served thing. When you show up for your ADR you can “request” a seat next to the aquarium, but there are no guarantees. If I remember correctly, the tables that are directly against the tank are all 4-tops, but there is a row of tables and booths that are still very close and give a good view.

At Sci-Fi, you want one of the “car” tables. They are set for 6, so you should not have an issue there - but be sure to request a car table.

As for “best” it’s really what kind of experience you want. The “best” food is at the Brown Derby, but it’s also the most expensive and most “formal”. It’s also my favorite in DHS. 50s Prime Time has very good food served in a kitschy 50s setting with old TV clips shown on TVs and an interactive wait staff (e.g. “You haven’t eaten all of your vegetables” or “Why are your elbows on the table?”). As someone who grew up in the late 50s/early 60s it’s a whole lot of fun, but the “charm” may be lost on younger kids. Sci-Fi is also 50s-themed, but you are sitting in “cars” parked in front of a drive-in movie screen showing trailers and clips from classic 50s “monster” and sci-fi movies. Have not had a full meal there, so I can’t comment on the food quality. Hollywood and Vine is a buffet character meal. As I don’t especially like either buffets or character meals, I have never been.

If you haven’t done Sci-Fi I would argue that it’s worth it simply for the experience. I’ve never found the food to be anything other than average but the unique experience makes going there worth it for me.

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I also have a sci fi question - we’re just 2, will they seat us in a car with another group? Or will we have a car to ourselves?

They will seat you with another party. We’re a party of 3 and we always end up with a party of 2 either in the front or back row.

Ha! I was just about to say the same thing!:smile: We’re also a party of three so we had a mom and a little boy in the front of the car.

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We sat in the top tier at Coral Reef and I loved it. Being right next to the tank means that everyone else is looking over towards you when you’re eating. I personally wouldn’t care for that. Being further back will allow for a more panoramic view of the tank. I felt like, and agree with @Damavs that the design of the room allowed for great views all around.

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When our family of 4 was there in 2012, we were a good bit away from the tanks (in kind of an elevated section, top tier – about as far from the tanks as you could get), and the view was still excellent, IMO. I did not feel it detracted from the experience at all.

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Thanks! I’d feel too guilty taking up a whole car just for us