Copper Creek vs. Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani

If you could stay in a 2-bedroom villa at either Copper Creek or Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani for two nights, which would you choose?

  • Copper Creek
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani

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For more background, we are hoping to secure BCV for 7 days, but we will have a stub period before or after BCV when we will likely stay somewhere “new” that is not in the Epcot area. We’ve stayed at Wilderness Lodge, and we’ve stayed at Jambo, but never CC or Kidani. The availability charts seem to indicate securing AKL will be easy, CC should be doable but tight.

In addition to voting, let me know what your considerations will be! I have some thoughts since I’ve been doing extensive research, but I’d like to know what I’m missing.

Thanks in advance!

Proximity to parks would be my consideration for this, mostly.

May I ask a clarifying question?

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Will you be doing parks during this part of the stay?

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Yes, it will likely be MK / AK focused (probably both). But a little more relaxed pace so we can spend time back at the room or pool

I was hoping you’d say no because it would be an easier answer.

Still, I think for the Kidani pool which gets rave reviews for the younger set, I’ll push you that way

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The three bathrooms at Kidani almost got me but the two pools plus splash area, boat to MK and Geyser Point/RF pushes me to CC.

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Hilariously, we’ve never stayed at CC and it’s our home resort. I really want to tho and it’s in my plans for our next family trip. It’s such a beautiful setting and I feel like it would be a great spot for a more relaxing visit.

We have stayed in Kidani a handful of times. We’ve had a one bedroom and I think maybe a two bedroom our first trip ever (DH booked it and I think got a DVC room. I think.) and we loved the extra bathroom because at the time DD5 was in a crib and we stuck her in there to sleep. I like the intimate size of it and dining in general at AKL (both Jambo and Kidani) is fantastic.

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But you just pushed hard for Kidani around dining…

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Yes, but I am an adult that LOVES Jiko. I don’t travel with small children.

(I also think I pushed hard for Swan/Dolphin but didn’t change my AKL vote).


To this ignoramous, Copper Creek Villas were made from regular hotel rooms at WL, so since you’ve already stayed at WL wouldn’t that be very similar (except for the room setup)?

At least Kidani is a separate building, with different savanna areas.


Ok but is AKL savanna view or standard? Bc that makes all the difference.

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AKL always wins, in my book, no matter the choice. Savanna view for sure.


Yes, Savanna view. Sorry, I meant to mention that.

True, but we’ve never stayed in a 2BR there and the rooms have been refurbished beautifully compared to the old WL rooms. I’ve watched a couple of YouTube tours of CC and it is one of my favorite resort designs, other than needing a bit more “lodgy” theming. But it has a lot of nice railroad theming touches.

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Ok so now I can vote properly. While I loooooooooove Wilderness Lodge I think a savanna view room would be more WOW for you guys this time.


I have stayed in a one bedroom . The location of those rooms are where the old resort rooms were but they are nothing like resort rooms.

I thought you had stayed at AKL before and CC would be new?

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If we have a choice between a typical DVC hotel and a hotel-hotel, we’ll go with the standard hotel. If it was between CC and Jambo, then Jambo would have won.

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I stayed at Jambo last time, so Kidani would be new. The rooms and theme look really nice at CC but it’s hard to compare with having the Savanna outside our balcony!

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Care to elaborate? I can think of a few reasons why a hotel-hotel would be more desirable. More compact, closer to restaurants and and amenities, cooler lobby, etc. Anything specific you had in mind?