Copper Creek Room Finder WAY off

@len - I’m curious why the Room Finder map for Copper Creek is so far off what it really is both per room type maps on other sites (which match each other but not the one you have). The first floor alone, for example, not only is it (per the other maps AND vlogs AND chatting with people who stay there on other forums) all studios (or almost all), which the Finder on here does not indicate, the numbering is way off. It makes requesting a room VERY challenging - I can put the numbers I have found on vlogs and such in the “subject” line on my request, but it in no way matches the misnumbered Finder here so my “requested” room number does not match.

Any clue if the Finder can be fixed? Or will having a WAY wrong number as the one I clicked on to “request” override what I put in the field?

Did you book a tub or shower studio?


But the first floor plan on here, even the numbering is WAY off.

Hey @lizzieanne771,

We became aware of this recently, and we’ve asked our Disney contact for clarification on the room types. If you have any data we can use in the meantime, please send it along:

Thanks for this!


Here is the list I’ve found most consistently.

Will you try for the alternative floor plan or just a ground floor studio?

Not sure. The Alternate ones look really cool, but I like that the ground floor ones are dedicated. I may just end up saying “You pick!” and seeing what magic happens.

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