Copper Creek Increase


I think you should get 2018 and 2019 points but I would confirm. They should also do the 2018 point roll over for you.


Did you call? They said the price would increase when it was fully sold out and today it was fully declared:


My guide is calling me back I hope I didn’t miss something!


I don’t think it is sold out, it is just close.


I am the new proud owner of 175 points at Copper Creek!




That’s a lotta points! :slight_smile: I like the way ya think!


at 175, current DVC members get $1700 off the price. It made the CC points cost effectively the same as the AKL points, with 11 more years on the contract for DD to use. A good deal.


And further update: the points loaded last night, and this morning I booked for a Jan 3-6 stay for me and DD! Thank you, so much, @PrincipalTinker for holding my hand through this decision process!


Wow! That was fast!