Copper Creek Increase


I have been thinking about this. For my August trip I booked GFV and BLT at about 9 months. I also had a BWI room booked at 7 months (but I dropped that night). I will be interested to see availibity next summer. Maybe also a lot of owners rolled points for Galaxy’s Edge and the 50th?


Oh crap! 50th is coming…


Must calculate 11month window.

Must secure additional points prior to that window.

Must set 45 alarms to make booking when window opens


Yup! I am trying to plan points out and know what use year I can buy next!


Do you know what date they are going to use for the actual 50th?


I thought I heard it was starting October 2020? I do t know if that was confirmed but it is always 18 months?


That’s what I was figuring too. October. This one we will pull the kids from school for.

18 months? You lost me there.


Sorry - possible 3 months early, all of 2021 and into 2022? Maybe just the 15 months and end in December?


I’m always confused about the opener in '71 since listening to an episode of Connecting With Walt in which they cited someone from then having said that if they hadn’t opened in time to capture the summer crowd that year they didn’t think they would have taken off so well.

I’ll have to go back and find that, but lordy there’s a lot of episodes to wade through! (great podcast tho!)


Any people in the park prior to October 1st, 1971, were cast members only. So the summer crowds bit is probably someone talking from betwixt his or her personal buttox.


It was a quote of something said by someone close to the top/Walt.

It’s very possible I’m misremembering, which is why now I want to go back to find what was actually said.


Catching up: thx very much to both of you @OBNurseNH and @PrincipalTinker for helping me think through what’s going on. The Type A planner in me wants absolute certainty on what is going on here so I can choose, but I’m realizing that there may be lots of variables (like DVC CC owners SO loving it that they pile up banked and borrowed points to create, maybe temporary, over-demand for the high demand holiday weeks and weekends)
So I’m going to let DD decide between AKL and CC. The idea here (which is why resale is not an option) is to buy with her on the contract so she gets the DVC membership – yesterday was her 21st Bday so its a special surprise gift! Both are wonderful places, and I will explain to her that CC may be harder to book with confidence.
@PrincipalTinker it occurs to me that the reason for me to buy CC is to have variety, and that should point you to AKL. Just a thought. I rarely have trouble getting what I want at AKL in the 4 month home resort advantage window. Often I can’t get Jambo since Kidani has more availability, but that’s totally fine. I love both for their different advantages, As long as you can plan inside the home resort advantage, it should work for you.
And I completely forgot about the 50 year anniversary, so that stiffened my spine to buy something now so I have those points to use. Thank you!!!


Funny, my son said he thought he wanted to stay at CC 50% of the time. I am almost positive I will end up going with AKL but I will go resale (my son is already on CC and has his blue card. A recent episode of a podcast has me completely looking at all direct options first so I will wait until I can take a closer look at OKW.

Kidani is in my heart. I think I will end up there because AKL means so much to me.


Update: just talked to DD who (thank god) returned to college safely from spring break trip through Colorado bomb cyclone and she loves the idea of a CC DVC contract to create variety from our AKL home love. So that’s where I’m going. Thx for your help. And see you someday at WL :heart_eyes:


Yay! I hope you love it as much as I do!


Did you decide to go with a different UY or the same as your other contracts?


I haven’t talked to the guide yet – will do it today. Do you have a suggestion? My current UY is March


When do you think you will use the points? Will you get double points right away? For me I like to book spring and fall. For The fall my August UY works. I am looking at February for my next contract.


Can I bargain for double points the first year?! That didn’t occur to me. I might as well ask for March UY as that works well for me so far.


I think you get that regardless right now, but it can’t hurt to ask.