Copper creek 1 bed

Room 1167, ground floor facing Geyser Point bar, worst location and smaller floor plan. It’s a handicapped room with lots of issues. Only one door to bathroom, no closet in hall as it’s used up with full size washer/dryer. Bedroom is smaller. Patio is not useable. Noisy room. Avoid! Probably room next door is similar.

Can you add a note on the room finder?

Hi there, I’m new to touring plans. I can’t seem to find the room planner.

I can’t even find 1167 on the TP map :frowning:

It’s not on the map. There are at least 2 rooms at the end of the wing facing geyser point. Ours was 1167, I’m guessing next door was 1169?
They have them on each floor.

I would send them a note so they can update their map. The one on the end shows as an enormous space but has no room numbers attached.

Thank you for the information. I’m sorry your stay was so unsatisfactory. Did you inquire about moving at all? What was the response?

The minute we walked in I knew it wouldn’t work. The patio was completely unusable.
I went to the front desk. They know those are the worst rooms in the house. They offered to move us the following day. Our new room was fabulous. No comparison! We were in 4130 facing boulder ridge pool. Sorry I didn’t get a pic :grimacing: but it was a great room.

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Also, for families that like ground floor rooms for little ones to run out on the grass, the rooms facing the main pool don’t have this option. Thick foliage surrounds the building.
The opposite side facing boulder ridge has lawn tho.

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