Coordinating Three Families

Is there a way to add everyone so that everyone has access to the plans on their phone?

I will happily pay if that’s what is needed.

Technically if everyone uses the same log in information that should do it - but I don’t know if there is a “only 1 person at a time login” - now from a what you should do perspective - I would probably just have the two other families pay the subscription as well so that everything is on the up and up and you aren’t creating bad Karma

I don’t want bad karma but I want everyone to have access to the same plans.

I recommend publishing your final plan and sending everyone the link. Everyone can pull it up on their phone.

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Thank you!

The publishing idea is a great one! A bonus: your family can’t accidentally hit a button a mess up your whole plan! :sweat_smile:

Take a picture and send it to them.

No one touches my plans except me.


This. So much this.