Coordinating Savi's/Droid Depot with RotR

I have family coming into town in a couple of months and they want to do the full gamut of star wars: Savi’s, Droid Depot, Rise of the Resistance. I read in a Disney World Thread that if BG and Savi’s/DD times conflict that they’re pretty accommodating, but wanted to see if anyone here had done these and had them resolve any conflicting times? Also whether it’s better to prioritize the reservation time for Savi’s/DD or the BG time.

Thanks for your help!

Edit: Sorry, just saw this is DL. Below was based on what I’ve seen from WDW so may or may not transfer.

Once you get a BG and you see how those are progressing, if a conflict seems probable, just go to the CM at the entrance to RotR and ask them what you should do. They’ll help you sort it and which order. (Make sure to note their name just in case.).

I haven’t experienced it personally, but I think everyone that’s reported here about it said they were able to work it out. (As long as it’s all within HS, I think you’ll be fine.)


We had a conflict with our BG (had a tea party reservation for 15 people at the DLH) and they made it an anytime for us. Just had to ask nicely! Another friend had an ADR that was in the park, and they too were able to get their BG number moved from something like 40 to 50. Again, she just asked and they were willing to accommodate. I would just make your plans, and then if it becomes an issue see the CMs outside ROTR and they will help you.


Fantastic, thank you!

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Also worth noting that Savi’s is 30-40 minute experience and DD is 20-30 minute, so good chance they will fit within your return window for RotR. If foresee an issue day of, talk with CMs, as others suggested.