Cooling Towels?

Hello! My son and I will be leaving for WDW in 59 days. I’m putting together my packing list so I can start accumulating the things we need for the trip. Its super hot at the end of August and I was wondering if any of you have used those cooling towels and/or caps? I’m thinking about putting them on my packing list but wanted to know if they really work and if so which brand I should get? Thanks a bunch!

Frogg Togg’s are frequently recommended by Liners. I bought some for us for early September :smile:

I just found some FrogToggs at Walmart in the camping section. We tried them and they are amazing!

We used Frog Toggs last week and they worked great. But just wash them first before you travel because they smell bad. Also they smell stinky when they get sweaty but you can wash them out in the hotel sink.

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I got Frogg Toggs online from Amazon. Took someone’s suggestion and cut it in half length wise to get 2 towels out of 1.

Yep we cut our frogg togg in half and wrapped around our necks… We stay cool every August trip that way!!!

Thanks for the replies everyone! Looks like I’m buying a Frogg Togg :smiley:

I am in the park right now and I would be crazy without my FrogTog! Best buy!!! My kiddo has said to me numerous times how much she loves her and is so cool with it on. The other thing to buy is one of those O2Cool spray bottles/fans… they are a lifesaver with kids!!!


May I please ask which fan in particular you purchased? Looking to invest today. Thanks :slight_smile: