Cooking the magic alive

Which probably doesn’t sound right. :slight_smile:

Anyway, we’re about a month back from Disney now, and that post-trip glow hasn’t quite started to fade. I’ve recently discovered some of the Sherman Brothers’ music, so we’re looking at some movies these days. But I also found another easy way to keep that magic alive.

With a hurricane in the offing for Southern New England today (A big bust, BTW), I had expected to spend the day indoors, so I went leafing through my Chef Mickey’s cookbook.

Didn’t quite come up with anything for today, but our friends at AllEars had a good one.

I spent a few hours this afternoon whipping up Spoodle’s Crispy Chicken Cutlets, with a side of rice pilaf and some steamed zucchini…and then a fine berry cobbler with French Vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Not too difficult to execute, and depending on where you ate on your trip, an easy way to remember those fine meals you had…in Disney. Sigh.

(Already planning the next trip, yes.)


Heh, I definitely have several WDW recipes in my collection that I use.

The most common one I use is the Hoop De Do cornbread - I can’t make batches fast enough to keep ahead of DS9, for whom it is his favorite food in the world.

Every Christmas Eve, I prep (then bake the next morning) the French Toast Loaf that is, alas, no longer served at the Main St. Bakery.

Just a couple weeks ago, for National S’mores Day, I converted the s’mores brownie recipe form Big Thunder Ranch at DL into something a bit more bite-sized:

(For anyone interested: I took a dozen brownie bites, topped each with one Hershey chocolate bar “square” and five mini marshmallows, broiled until the marshmallows browned. Then I plated them, drizzled chocolate syrup on top, and topped with a generous amount of crushed graham crackers.)

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Ya think? :wink: