Convince me to go to MVMCP

I need some convincing to pay about $350 for my family of 5 to go to MVMCP. (Me, DH, DS10, DS8, DD6.)

I love the idea, but not sure it's the best value for us. My concerns - younger two getting too tired to stay late enough, kids not very interested in character autographs, and probably not much interest in the dance party. Is everything else enough to make it "worth it"?

We booked our trip specifically so that we could go to MVMCP. I've never been so I can't add a personal testimonial but we did go to MNSSHP last year and loved the party atmosphere. We are a family of 5 too. Here are 2 blog posts that I found helpful in making our decision...
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2014 Tips
Is Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Worth The Cost?

Hopefully others who have actually attended the event will chime in too. smiley


Well, I've never been, but it sounds like so much fun! What does the rest of that day look like for you, and the next day too? It seems like both days might have to be a bit more low-key and restful than usual to make it work with little kids.

One other thing that I forgot to mention. You said that you probably had not much interest in the dance party. I thought the exact same thing too but we stumbled upon one while at MNSSHP. It was one of our favorite parts of the night. Even my sometimes shy DS (7 at the time) joined in the fun.

Thanks @kellymouse5 -- I will check out those links!

As for the dance party, my boys are VERY anti-dancing. Not just not into it, they avoid even a near-occasion of dancing (and the 8 year old complains about his sister dancing near him). My daughter would enjoy it, but those two could pitch a fit about even going in.

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Good question @SallyEpp_cot! It would be last night of our 5 night stay. No non-park days for us this trip!
That day we would be at AK - regulars hours, so 9- whenever we want. The next day we were going to MK until we need to get DME back at POR around 2:00.

My 8 year old wakes up early no matter when he goes to bed, so he's guaranteed to be up that morning by 6:30 at the latest.

Ha! That is funny about your DS who complains about his sister dancing near him. My kids are 14, 8, and 6. The oldest are boys and the youngest is a girl just like your family. smile

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Yes, that poor boy has a very bad case middle child syndrome!

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@ThreeBuddies, I was debating that myself when we go in early December (DW, DS 8, Twin DS’s 5), but have decided we are going to do it (12/2) and focus on seeing the parade (I mean, c’mon GIANT nut crackers, snow and Santa? Sold!) and the holiday wishes show. We are going to lay low for the most part that day (park free day) to give ourselves the best chance of them having the stamina needed for the late evening. Bottom line: we are going during the holiday and it feels like we would regret not giving it a shot. Definitely check out the sites @kellymouse5 posted smile

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@MindfulMouse I probably will break down and go for the party. Doesn't look like we'll be back for the holidays in the foreseeable future. Maybe I'll make it a special gift from me, so DH doesn't get to complain about the cost! The possible regret at not going is what's swaying me at the moment.

Thank you all!

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Good idea about making it a gift!! Fortunately my DH is so clueless that he has no idea what everything costs. I pay the bills so he only sees the totals when the money leaves our checking account. "Yes dear, it's all part of our package price." Otherwise I'm sure that he'd complain if he saw everything itemized out!

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You're lucky @kellymouse5. My DH is in accounting and finance. Everything is counted! But he does help us save up for the trip in the first place. πŸ’΅

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Sounds like my house @kellymouse5! smile

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I'm debating it too. Would be our last night there staying at AKL that week before. We r also doing hddr which is about 200. Not sure if 300 is worth party?

It seems like it would be a shame to miss it. You can do anything at Disney World if you pace yourself, right?

Since you'll have your DH with you, maybe you can make a deal to tag-team it for the evening. He can go back to the room with anyone who reaches exhaustion-meltdown-situation-red stage, and you can stay as long as you want. Maybe there's another thing during the trip that he's really excited about that you make happen for him in exchange. (or just pay him in Dole Whips)

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He would definitely let me stay later with our oldest. Just can't have an 8:00 meltdown from one of the younger ones!

Y'all keep talking it up here and I'll be sure to buy tickets!

Just a thought @ThreeBuddies you could go with just DD as a girls night and let the boys have a boys night at the resort. You guys could hang out with us if you go 12/16 smile my DS6 will dance with your DD

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This -- seriously I am sure you've seen it before but it's awesome. This parade is so worth it. These toy soldiers blew me away. Also, it looks like you are going very close to Christmas -- it's a great way to boost up that holiday cheer/spirit. I love everything about it. (Shh we are doing it 2x this trip -- yes I do think that's excessive BUT we really wanted that night in MK and since my son will only be 5. We are going to do 1/2 one night and 1/2 the other.

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That would be awesome @Coconuts! That is the night we're looking to attend. However, she one of the ones most likely to fall asleep during the party! I can only count on my DS10 to make it as late as me!

But if me make it, we can have a mini-liners dance!

I haven't watched it yet -- I've only seen pics. Haven't decided if I want my first time seeing it to be in person.

And as a side note, can you adopt me so I can go twice? πŸ˜‰

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