Convince me to do MNSSHP

DH and I are going sans kids from 9/29-10/2, giving us 3 nights. We’re staying at the boardwalk so we can take full advantage of the food and wine festival. One night for sure we want to go to HS to do SDD near closing time as stand by. DH wants to go to Pandora at night, but I could easily give it up for a future trip. We have friends going down around the same time and they’ve already booked MNSSHP on 9/30 and I’m debating going with them. Reading Josh’s 2018 guide on easywdw gave me FOMO. I haven’t seen a decent parade in ages, the fireworks look awesome and meeting different characters sounds fun. We didn’t have plans to go to MK at all this trip.

We’re DVC members and AP holders, so while the incentive to get in at 2pm as DVC for the halloween party sounds enticing, really it doesn’t matter because of the AP. It’s not like we’d be saving a ticket to use another day.

What do you think? Do you love the party? Is it worth it?

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My children have been planning to ‘do’ MNSSHP and HHNs when my DS20 reaches 21, for maybe 10 years. DS20 will be 21 on 19 December so they have to wait until 2019, but the holiday is already booked. We will travel from the UK. So even though I have never been, I say yes, do it. I hope that you have a fabulous time.

I think it might be the best event WDW holds all year. If I had 3 days, it would be F&W + MNSSHP + Play day


This year will be our first time, but it looks so great. I’ve heard repeatedly that the parade is the best. I’m looking forward to the fireworks, party atmosphere, and seeing all the costumes.

If you go, I hope you’ll let us know what you think!

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I think it’s fun for the right type of person, at the right time.

Personally, I don’t like waiting in lines, or staking out spots for shows/parades hours in advanced. We went opening night (my mistake, but we really wanted to try it) and it was by far the worst (and only real bad) part of our trip.

Way too many people for that heat (it was a funk fest!) and lengthy waits for everything. We didn’t really go for the rides, but even those required longer waits than I was use to. Getting a bottle of water meant standing in a line of 20-30 people. I tried to game the system by using mobile ordering for drinks at Cosmic Ray’s, but for whatever reason, the counter was doubling as an ice water request line, and I had to wait 10 minutes even after getting the “order ready” status.

I think it may be worth dealing with the crowds when it’s cooler, and actually Halloween season, but summer is not the time for this IMO.

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