Converting to AP?

In preparation for our March trip, I’m wanting to know the best way/time to upgrade my ticket to an AP. It’s a 7 day PH ticket and part of a package. This is possible right? Should I go ahead and upgrade on my first day (3/21) to start having access to the discounts? I know I’m coming back for the 24 hour day weekend and W & D half in November. Are there AP discounts for Run Disney events? APs are new to me…can ya’ll fill me in on what I need to know and how I need to proceed. Any and all AP advice and information is most welcome!! :slight_smile:

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Last year I upgraded from package tix to an AP, no issues at all. All of my FPP’s transferred. I would do it the first day to take advantage of discounts, especially if you’re going to buy TiW. You can upgrade at GS, I did it at EP at a time of day that was convenient to me. No need to spend precious time at RD waiting at GS. How exciting for you!!

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Yep. Upgrade the first day

In Sept I arrived mid day and went directly to GS at MK. They combined 4 day PH from Undercover Tourist and 2 day base ticket from package into AP in minutes. Best decision I made all week and it was a week of good decisions. Ask about discounts everyti e you pay or book anything, that way you won’t miss out on any of the discounts. I also discovered that they have some souvenirs ie pins that are for AP only!