Converting Tickets to Annual Pass and Park Reservations

In these all-remote/virtual times, I’m considering spending a month in Orlando, but concerned that I wouldn’t get as much park time as I want because of the 3-day annual pass reservation limit. Has anyone tried to (or know whether I can) buy 10-day tickets, make park reservations, then convert that to an annual pass without losing my park reservations? Any other ideas for how to maximize the park reservations in this scenario? Looking at this reservations for the current month, it doesn’t seem like same-day reservations (or even same week) will work for my situation with the annual pass restrictions.

I have an AP and you can’t get a same day entry w/ one so I bought a 4 day FL resident ticket. I needed help from the IT dept to let MDE allow me to make a same day reservation since my AP was dominant. They are not selling APs right now but was told by a CM that (I bought tickets for hubby and son since their APs had expired) they could use their tickets and IF they had at least one day left on that ticket the cost could be applied to an AP when they began selling them.

Thanks, I didn’t realize that they weren’t selling APs right now. Looks like you can also only buy up to 7 days of tickets! How frustrating.

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