Converting regular tusker house reservation to ROL an accidental tip

Ok so bear with me this is a bit of a tale…we had 2 reservations for a parties of 4 for ROL around 1pm and a regular Tusker house reservation for party of 8 for around 1pm. I wanted to convert it to a reservation for 8 that included ROL…proved too difficult over the phone…finally found a CM that understood what I was trying to do but even they can not over ride the system for something that seems like an even swap. She was reluctant to cancel the 8 person reservation in fear even if it converted to an 8 person ROL reservation someone would scoop it up in the time it would take her to re-book us…(she said people are scooping them up immediately). So energetic my insomnia…I was awake at 3 in the morning, canceled the regular 8 person reservation, logged out, logged back in, and sure enough it was then available as an 8 person ROL package! I don’t recommend insomnia but if you’re up anyway the risk seems smaller because fewer people are on line to scoop it up before you!


Thank you so much for this. I had 8:15 am reservations for TH but wanted an ROL dining package for TH. I was awake at 3am due to side effects from the flu shot, and sure enough, I did what you did and now we have ROL dining packages. Thanks a ton!

That’s not insomnia it’s dedication! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Just got to watch out for those pesky UK Liners who’re up early planning!

Ha! Never trust us pesky Brits lol!

When I discovered the reservation finder for our last trip I was rueing the fact I couldn’t get texts about it. However as I was up at 6:30am GMT, that’s 01:30 EST, I would look at my emails and grabbed every single one I was notified about. Worked a treat, despite no texts. :grinning:

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I’m so glad it worked for you too!!! Enjoy your trip😎

I did the EXACT same thing a few days ago! We had an 8 person reservation at Tusker house at 1020, I cancelled it on my MDE app and had my computer open and ready to snag it, lol! Worked like a charm!

I did this the same way, I had two ADR’s for tusker house and cancelled one to see if it would change and it did, so I rebooked with the package, just want to do it with the CP for our bon voyage breakfast but I am too scared too lol