Converting QS credits to snack at hotel concierge?

I’ve tried searching, but have been unable to find this exact question - I will be traveling solo during the F&G festival, and I think I could get some bang for my buck with the dining plan if I can use a ton of snack credits at F&G. Are you able to get one of your QS credits changed to 3 snack before getting to a booth? I will unlikely want to get 3 things at one booth (and that wouldn’t be the best use of them, anyway). Thanks!

No, it has to be done at the booth and all 3 snack credits must be from the same booth.


My understanding, as in the past I have converted some QS to snacks, is that it is done when you use the credit, so it must be 1 QS to 3 snack credits which are used right than, no where else. I don’t know if this has changed since and they don’t have to do it but most will.

I have done this many times. When you go to the booth you just say: I want to use one quick service credit for three items.

At one booth when I ordered three items during the Festival of the Arts the CM automatically asked me if I wanted to convert them. I did not and when she looked again she apologized because she realized I had the deluxe plan that day.

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I know how to use it for three items at one place, but I will likely not want to do that at one booth.

This Disney Parks Mom’s panel post says something about getting snack credits converted by concierges, but says during non-festival times. Was curious to see if people had experience during festivals.

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I have never heard of this.

You can’t only do it at festivals, but you can only do it in the one transaction at the till.

I am going to post this on chat too. This is interesting.


I think this was a misunderstanding on the part of the “Disney Mom”.

You can go to a resort store and use your QS to buy three snack items. It doesn’t have to be at a restaurant or food booth. I suspect the “Disney Mom” maybe asked at the desk who checked her credits, said “you can buy snacks at the shop”, and she thought the CM had done something to her QS credits.


Ah, interesting take… shame on multiple levels if so.

The thing about it is, normally it is a bad use of a quick service, because about $5, maybe if lucky $6 is what a snack would run, so you are talking $15 - 18 for one QS credit. I believe the QS dining plan is $55 for an adult. Its not a good use but I do see doing it if you are trying to control OP costs or have left over credits. (I only had left over QS credits once and I wasted so much converting them to snacks)

When alcohol was not included, it was decent, especially for F&W festival. Now, with alcohol included, not such a good deal.

Now, if you could go to a F&W booth and get 3 snack items AND a beer, that would be great!


Or in my case, 3 snacks and wine.

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Here’s my reasoning: it’s $52.50 per night with tax included. If I value my resort mug at $2.50 a day, we are down to a round $50 for two QS and two snacks, so I can value the regular snacks at $5 each and QS meals at $20. (I can easily eat one dole whip float a day at $5.99 + tax)

Sure, I can get a delicious lamb schwarma at Tangerine Cafe + a $9 cocktail to get a cool $25 value (can’t forget the 6.5% tax “savings”), but there are only so many QS restaurants where I can do that. But, depending on the F&G prices, if I could find an additional 3 menu items at $7 ($7.50 after tax), I would still come out slightly ahead breaking up a QS as long as I don’t have to spend all 3 at the same place. I saw the concierge comment on the Mom’s Panel post and was intrigued.

Again, this all depends on how the F&G prices/snack eligibility shake out, but I am a huge festival fan and plan on going twice during the 3 days I am there. Doing the Rival Run Challenge, so I will feel free to stuff myself :slight_smile:

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I was trying to figure out if we would do the Dining plan this time, as I have saved a lot of money in the past with deluxe dining. That said, my question had to do with the F&G and the prices and snack you can get. I looked at last years and years prices to get a feel and the thing I did notice, you could not use the credits towards alcohol. which means the $9 cocktail is out of pocket. We also price out QS meals and many times, for the both of us, they were not $40 and the Resort mug, we rarely have used it while at the resort. Not a value to us. Also, I’ve read many posts about the costs and as a rule, converting a QS to snacks, most of the time doesn’t make the financial sense.

With that said, I know there are exceptions and you can actually come out ahead with a dining plan. Here is a link to the final thoughts on a trip report when I proposed to my now wife. IT was on in December, 2016, towards the end of it, I give actual figures and there were some big savings.

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I think it depends on what you want. At the China booth during the Festival of the Arts I believe three items were over $27. I tried to only do it when I would have purchased the three snacks. That being said it is easy to increase your daily snack average to over $14 a day.

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One of the big tubs of Haagen Dazs ice cream is one snack credit …! We used a couple of QS credits to get 4 tubs amongst others, which my two boys then had for breakfast, on occasion, and other random times. I did manage a couple of servings at least!

You can get them at the resort stores.