Converting park tickets to Magic Bands

I have 4 active Magic Bands from a trip last year to WDW. It was booked as a package with onsite rooms and the park tickets. This Thanksgiving we are going back to WDW for a quick 2-day trip. We are staying at the Swan using SPG points, so the room is booked separately. I have purchased 2-day park tickets which should arrive at my house next week. These will come in a card form. Is there a way to link the new park tickets with my Magic Bands from last year? I should note that the Magic Bands do show up in my MDE account and the new park tickets are also listed in my MDE.

Yes, you’ll be able to use the old Magicbands. If your new tickets are already assigned to the correct people, their Magicbands will work. The bands are assigned to individuals, not tickets. We did this exact thing in April when we stayed at the Dolphin and used our old bands from a trip 3 years before.

The cards are assigned to the correct people. So I do not have to do anything else for the Magic Bands to pick-up the new tickets assigned to myself and my family members? Same for when I make Fastpass+ reservations? Those will automatically be on the bands?

Related question for willijen - did you have any issue making fastpass+ reservations at 60-days when staying at the Dolphin? My window is coming up soon. My Swan reservation does show up in my MDE account so I hope I have no issues.

Did you buy your tickets through Disney? If you did and they asked who the tickets were for they may be linked. Can you see them in your MDE account? If not, scan or enter the ticket number into your MDE account and link to each person. The MB is just a link to your MDE account. Remember, you need to keep the same bands assigned to each person!

If you have an issue making FPs- call! If someone tells you it is 30 days hang up and call back!

Yes - I bought them online through the Disney website. Both my active magic bands and the new admission tickets show up in my MDE account and are assigned to myself and my family. I just wasn’t sure if the new admissions would automatically be on the magic bands, but that’s what I am learning from this forum.

You’re all set. Your magic band is just a tool to see into your MDE account. When you scan your band it looks to see if there is a matching ticket assigned to the same person as the magic band. Same with FP. As long as each person is using their specific assigned band and the ticket is assigned to them in MDE you don’t need to do anything else.

Just remember it will only work for Entry and FP’s. You won’t be able to charge anything to your band.

Nope, we had no issues making FP+ at 60 days. Opened right when it should have.