Convention Tickets and G+

My sister and I are going to a conference in Orlando in June. She has decided she wants to spend an evening at WDW and one at UOR. She hasn’t been to either place in 20+ years, and how can I say no to going to either place when we’ll be so close?!

I’m trying to decide what type of WDW ticket would work the best. We will be arriving around 5 and staying to park close, so would be worth it to buy a full day ticket and try to line up G+ all day so we have several planned when we get out of classes or save my money and just get an after 5 convention ticket? Can you add G+ to a convention ticket?

Also trying to decide on which park- MK will be open the latest, giving us more time for rides (and less sleep before the next day of lectures, but who needs sleep?) but she has never been to HS and was interested in the Star Wars things.

Her kids are weird and never had an interest in going to Disney, so we’re trying to pack a few highlights into our evenings off. Thoughts?

You can buy a full day convention ticket with Genie+, but not an after 1 or 5. I don’t know if you can buy it day of for after 5 tickets, as i’ve never done it.


I was able to buy it day of for the 1pm tickets. Can’t imagine that the 5pm tickets would be all that different?

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That’s what I was hoping. Thanks for sharing that!