Convenient mode of transportation between AoA and MK

We have 2 days at MK and I understand that WDW transportation is the most convenient for MK. However we will be going back to the resort in the afternoon. Is the bus still the best option?

One of the MK days we have an ADR at 12 pm at Chef Mickey’s and we are still trying to decide if we will keep it. If we do, can we do valet in the morning at the Contemporary and walk to MK and then walk back to the Contemporary for brunch?;

I used the bus to return to Pop from MK for a midday break on my last trip, and I had no problem at all. It’s still more convenient than driving, because you don’t have to schlep from the TTC to MK and back again. The bus is just so much easier than a ferry (or monorail) to a tram to the car.

Not sure about parking at the Contemporary on the day of your brunch reservation, though. Hopefully someone will chime in with an answer to that for you!

Thanks for sharing your experience! Bus it is then. And will wait and see if anyone knows about valeting at the Contemporary!