Convenience vs Space for resort?

I need help choosing a resort!
Animal Kingdom DVC 2 bedroom villa or two DVC studios at BLT? We will be renting points through David’s.
We will be a group of 4 adults and two kids (9 &6)
My dad has bad knees and my mom is afraid of getting sick from riding the busses so the BLT would be convenient for the monorail and MK but AKL will give us more space (separate bedroom from the kids), in suite laundry and the great theme.

They are both fabulous resorts. BLT has a great location. But I think the BLT studios feel cramped. The two bedroom villas at AKL have a lot of space and there are 3 bathrooms. Plus with the two bedroom you would have a full kitchen and a living area. For me it would feel more like a family vacation to be together in the two bedroom. Two studios just wouldn’t have that same feeling to me.


Thank you, AKL is my preference but trying to plan for three generations is complicated :blush:

AKL is my favorite deluxe resort, CR is my least favorite. It wouldn’t even be a question for me between those two.

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Thanks for responding :blush: After posting last night it dawned on me that we could always try and get mini vans from AKL and it would still be more affordable than BLT. Hopefully the mini fleet will get expanded before February 2019

The Minnie Vans are already available at all DVC resorts, as of December 2017. :slight_smile: The pickup point at AKL is right outside the Jambo lobby.

Thanks! I was just going to look up and see if they had expanded to the other DVC’s.

You could also concider Lyft or Uber as they’d be cheaper. (You’d need XL for Uber, surely they have equivalent for Lyft, for 6 people but I’m sure it’s still cheaper than Minnie Van.) We used Minnie Van a few weeks ago and it was very convenient but there have been reports of people not being able to find one available. And the price just went up to $25/ride. Probalby still cheaper than BLT, though! We stayed at Grand Floridian with little kids so we went to MK three days and did the monorail but at every resort you have to ride buses if you go to all of the parks. I was surprised by how convenient the buses were! So it might not factor in too much for your parents. (Though if you mom may be carsick in the bus that’s a whole different story!)

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I found uber to be so convenient on my last trip. We used buses to go to the parks most days but when we had dinner reservations at a resort we would usually uber from our resort. It saved a lot of time and was pretty inexpensive!

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A 2 bed at Kidani will give you 3 bathrooms. As opposed to 2 at Jambo.

And the kitchen and living room area in a 2 bed will give your parents a nice base to go back to if they want to take a break.

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We have done both of those things, exactly… a 2-bedroom AKL for 6 (2 grandparents, 2 parents, 2 kids) vs a studio BLT (2 parents 2 kids).

As previous folks have said, there are pros and cons to both. AKL will give you lots of space - we definitely appreciated having a living area, with the 6 of us. It was nice to have somewhere to hang out, that wasn’t in someone’s bedroom. The busses (I know, you said you don’t want to take them), from ALK were actually very good. It’s the only stop, so they were never full. I’d say they were cleaner than the monorail.

However, BLT was amazing, for us. The location is to-die-for. It was clean and beautiful and we could walk to the MK. It was SO FUN to take the monorail instead of busses. We had a lake-view studio, but could see the MK fireworks from our balcony at night. That was definitely a benefit, since we were there with a 6 and 1.5 year old. Space-wise, the studios are small, but we weren’t in the room all that much. I don’t think we had to walk nearly as much, to get to our room, either. BLT is “tall” where AKL is “long”.

So, lots of words to mostly just say “I feel your pain. Both wonderful choices”

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Thanks for your input :blush: I think AKL is my husbands preferred choice and the kids want to be “with” grandma and grandpa so It will likely be AKL. Fingers crossed everything works out.