Content on blogs?


When this originally came up the response I received from wdwtoday was that they were interpreting it as a transfer.


Have we ever found out what sort of language changed in 2015 that caused everyone to call out that suddenly it WAS allowed?


Yes ! It was announced through press releases on all the Disney sites as part of the changes to the dining plan.

I started this thread because I started looking at those announcements. I have an app: Theme Park News Disney Edition and that is a feed of Disney blog posts. I noticed that you will get the exact same story (word for word) from multiple sources. For example, at the top of this thread I included DFB and TP. For TP I noticed Ricki puts out many of these blog posts. Sometimes the Disney Parks Blogs also releases the exact same post. In this case, ALL blogs released the same info but the wdwtoday twitter account suggested that they all made it up…


I gotcha. So even if WDW didn’t publish the content, there must have been something that changed. Does Ricki still work at TP? I wonder if they remember at all. And I kind of the DFB was an actual Disney arm.


I believe the content is a type of “press release” and Disney is trying to back off of that policy. Funny, the Mom’s Panel knew about it too…


Today’s example:


I had to look! Yes! She does!