Contemporary vs Beach Club

Ok, so you’ve all helped me so much on picking a resort for the bulk of my trip. We’re in AKL for 6 nights. However, at the end, we’re renting a car and driving to southern Georgia to see family for a couple nights, then coming back to WDW to close off the trip with one last park day. Since the kids are 5 and 8, I think it’s a good assumption that last day will be at MK.

This will leave us with 2 final nights at WDW before we fly out and head back to boring northeast Ohio. Given prices, etc, I was going to do POFQ and was satisfied with that. However, I was hearing how much people were saving with MVT that I asked for a quote, and for just $40 more than FQ, I can put the family at the Contemporary (just a standard room), or for $40 more than that ($80 more than my original expectation), we could do Beach Club standard room.

I expect we’ll do RD at the park, then do everything we wanted to do again by lunch time (we’ll have already done 2 days at MK at this point). The kids want to have fun in the pool, and I’d love to close off the vacation feeling extra magical. Would you go with Contemporary in this case, or pay more for for the Beach club for the pool?

Which one would be more magical for the end of the trip? Which will have better options for food?

Hello! In my personal experience, it took my family one full day to truly explore all of Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club. If you plan on doing MK and the pool, you may be tight on time. The Contemporary would be great because you have the easiest access to MK. Also, you would save the $40, which could be spent on other “magic”. (But with Disney’s crazy prices, who knows what you can get for $40! HA :laughing: ) The pool at the Contemporary is great as well! Either way you choose to go, you will have a great ending to your trip!
Hope this helps! -Brett

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Hmmm, the pool area is that complex? that’s kind of awesome, lol. We’re actually going to get some pool time in the evening before when we arrive, so that might not be too big of a problem. Actually, that might be a fun problem to have. :slight_smile:

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My kids are the type that wont leave the area they found and loved until they saw something else new to explore- HA! They were running and swimming in circles for hours between the shipwreck, sand bottom pool, hot tubs, lazy river, and “play” pool. Oh- and don’t forget the desire for ice cream from Beaches and Cream every hour or so! :joy:
So back to the original topic - if you are going to have that time, I would definitely check out the Beach Club, the pool is truly a water wonderland.
Hope this helps and enjoy your trip!

The prices are pretty close. For me, if it were between those two and I was planning pool time, I’d for sure do BC. Transit to MK will be a little longer from BC. There’s great food nearby at either. There’s no bad choice here!

Personally, I like almost nothing about the CR (other than CG, which is a favorite), and I would choose the BC over the CR any time. BUT as you are planning on MK for that last day, the CR is probably your better choice.

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Thanks, all! I was having such a hard time deciding between the two that I decided to ditch both and go with the $250 cheaper option, POR, lol. Other than the $250, I was also convinced by the fact that we will have not have made it to DS at this point in the trip, and we will have 2 open evenings most likely where we can hit those, with POR being very convenient option for that. So there we have the result of my day of indecisiveness.

I think I’m going to start saving for our next trip, and BC it is for the next go round!

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For your circumstances I would do Contemporary.

Generally, though, I would vote for Beach Club every time - better theming and more my style versus Contemporary which, aside from it’s proximity to MK, holds absolutely no appeal to me.

But since you’re thinking MK, I’d do it

You’re on the monorail, so your access to amazing food is fantastic at CR

Although Beach Club is walking distance to Epcot’s World Showcase so presuming you have park hopper tix, I’d lean BC food options over Contemporary slightly. But both have lots of good dining options w/i an easy walk/monorail hop…