Contemporary Room Selector

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I’m trying to find a recommended room in the Contemporary using the Room Selector and I’m not having much luck, depending on my search criteria it either gives me all the rooms or none of the rooms. We’re staying in the tower with a Bay Lake view. I’d like two queen beds in a quiet area, preferable on a high floor. Here are the searches I tried in the room selector:

-All filters off except ‘Bay Lake View/Queen Beds’ - gave me 168 rooms (too many)

-Adding ‘Sound level: Quiet’ - give me no rooms

-Taking off ‘Quiet’ and checking ‘Touring Plans Picks’ - no rooms

Maybe I’m using the selector wrong for the Contemporary? Since it didn’t seem to give me much I manually entered the below for the text to go to Disney:

  *Two Queen beds in a quiet room on high floor on opposite end from Chef Mickey's*

Is this a bad request? Am I better off picking a floor and giving explicit room numbers which fit this criteria? If that’s the right answer I’m not sure how to figure out which rooms would be farther away from Chef Mickey’s.

Thanks for any help,

That is the request that we always make and we have gotten it every time (on the theme park view side)

Thanks Tanavin, I’ll let that request stand and see what happens.

Thanks again

Playing around with the Room Finder, it appears that there are no data for Sound Level for CR, and that there are no TP Picks in that class (2QB Bay Lake View). @len - is this correct?

I ran into a similar problem with AKL and did something similar. I gave a description of the room I’ve payed for and what I would, with all due respect-pleases-thankyous, like to have. Hope it works. Let us know, please.

Good deal, thanks for the feedback. I’ve amended my request to add some manners since it was a bit terse, so thanks for reminding me in that regard too!

Our trip is right after Memorial Day, I’ll report back on how we made out.

We requested a high floor, opposite end from Chef Mickey’s via fax and we received our request. 10th floor, room 4621, this view:


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Excellent, from the positive replies it sounds like I’ll be in good shape. Thanks everyone, and I’ll be sure to report back!!