Contemporary Room Selection

We’re staying at the Contemporary Resort for the first time ever, and I’m trying to use the room selector to request the perfect room, but I’m not familiar with the layout, and I don’t want to do more harm than good. We have a Bay Lake view in the Resort Tower. I know I want to request the highest room possible, but the sketch of the layout, and the pictures, in the room selector seems to suggest there is a difference between the middle 5 rooms on any floor, and the rooms to the left or right of that. (Maybe the middle 5 have balconies and the rest don’t?) Also, are the rooms at the end of the floor less desirable? (i.e. do they have a partially blocked view?) Some people have suggested getting a room on the “opposite” end of Chef Mickey. What end of the resort is Chef Mickey on? It’s on the 4th floor?

Thanks for your help.

All rooms have balconies. I’ve stayed there twice. The studio LV’s ending in 08, have a view of castle and Space. Comprehensive room view list on this link. I’d request high floor, even numbered room, or an “08 or close,” on high floor.

Thanks so much for responding. It sounds like you’re talking about the Bay Lake Tower? We’re staying in the Resort Tower (i.e. The original Contemporary building) with a Bay Lake view.