Contemporary room discounts first two weeks of December?

Aside from going through MVT (which doesn’t offer deals on Theme Park view rooms at the Contemporary), I was wondering if there are every any discounts on the rack-rate room only reservations during the first two weeks of December. Disney considers this to be one of their LOWEST time periods in the entire year, at least according to DVC point charts, etc. So this makes me wonder if anyone has ever seen discounts.

If we book a room at 499 days for a room at the Contemporary second week of December, and there IS such a discount made available, can I just call up Disney and have them retroactively apply such a discount?

In the past I’d gotten some good deals at that time of year although we didn’t stay at the Contemporary (AKL & GF) so I can’t say with certainty if they were included or not. It really depends on how many rooms they have sold and if they feel they need to incentivize people to come.

And yes, you can book early and then get them to apply the deal, if the deal is still available when you call. The irony of course is that if everyone does that, they’ll be sold out and have no need to incentivize anyone and thus there will be no deal…

True. But then, who in their right mind would book the Contemporary, Theme Park View, for a single night at the regular price? They’d be mad!

:crazy_face: <-- Me