Contemporary Resort - Transportation issues? Change resorts?

We are currently booked at the Contemporary Resort 6/10-6/17. We opted for the CR b/c of the ease of access to MK and the monorail. We are traveling with our 4 children who will be 7, 4, 2 & 3 months so walking distance to MK is very appealing. However while reading through some articles on Pinterest, I found that apparently there is no bus from CR to Epcot and the monorail to Epcot apparently doesn’t start running until 8 am. Meanwhile, we have (2) 8 am breakfast reservations there that week. Have others had this issue?? Worth switching to a different resort to ensure we can get to our reservations? Are there other options to ensure we get to Epcot in time?? I’m told that Uber is not an option b/c of car seats.

I would not switch. Nothing beats walking to MK and except for early early morning the monorail is nice with littles. Not having to fold the stroller! That alone was a big plus. Disney transportation needs to accommodate your pre RD meals. Just talk to them ahead of time (night before) to make sure they have a bus for you at the CR. Even when we got stuck at the TTC, Disney called us our own bus. We were late but we still made it prior to RD.

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Agree. With 4 small kids walking to MK beats any issues with early morning dining. Talk to the concierge and they will find transportation for you. Or rent a car, that’s what we do for various reasons.

Check into UberFamily, which is supposed to have 1 car seat per car. You’ll probably need 2 cars anyway, and I’m assuming the 3 month old will be in one of those carriers anyway. The 7 year old won’t need a seat in Florida and can ride with one of the two middle kids in one car. The 3 month old in the carrier belted in with a the other middle kid in the other car. Mom in one car; Dad in the other.

I don’t think Uber Family will work for us either if we need to do two cars b/c there’s only one seat per car. 3 of my 4 kids will still be in seats and we are not bringing the baby’s seat w/ us - we are renting a stroller. I will definitely check into it. I emailed our Disney agent too. I really don’t want to move resorts if we can avoid it b/c of the convenience factor!

Thanks for the feedback! It’s good to know that concierge can help us out! That will be one of the first things we do when we get there. Real quick - we are just in a Garden Wing, Standard View room so is concierge an option?

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That was my thought too especially since we will definitely be spending most of our time at MK. The Contemporary is kind of a one time opportunity son budget wise since we have 2 under 3. The next time we go, it will not be in our budget b/c our younger son will be 3 in August and we have been trying to go every other year or so.

Yes, they will help anyone. I stayed in the garden wing this past May and I loved it! So quiet!

I am not sure if the monorail starting at 8 is accurate. I believe the monorail starts running 30 minutes prior to park opening. I would rent a car before changing resorts. I agree with asking for help at the desk. I would even consider calling now and asking what your options are.

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Thanks for the suggestion of calling! So the first girl I spoke w/ was NOT very “Disney”-like and my experience was FAR from magical!! She told me that nothing starts prior to 8 am and my options were to take a cab or change my reservations. I was not a happy camper at that point! So I asked to speak to someone else who actually took the time to help me, called guest services and determined that while the Epcot monorail does not start until 8 am, busses will be available for us. I am definitely going to double and triple check this as it gets closer and when we get there. We are not going to change resorts!

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Glad you got some help. Good luck!

Most folks on Lines chat usually suggest talking to bus drivers to find out about times for first buses of the day. They say often times front desk/concierge uninformed. So if you don’t get the answer you’re looking for, try talking with a bus driver directly. Good luck!

The short, stress-free version of this is:

Disney Cast Members will always help you out at your resort. When you check in, tell them your concerns, and they’ll get you to where you need to be. Might be a bus or a boat launch, but they’ll tell you the best way to get to your spot on time.