Contemporary Resort Tower room request (BL view)

Hi, we’ve reserved a room in the Resort Tower, Bay Lake View (i.e., NOT the Bay Lake tower - the resort tower, with a Bay Lake view). I want to request a room, but don’t want to do more harm than good. I know we want a high floor, but is there a difference in the rooms? Do the rooms at the end of the floor have partially blocked views? Do some rooms have balconies and others not? Which end of the resort tower is Chef Mickey, and the most noise? Does that matter if you’re on an upper floor?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there @cazayouxf ! You’re going to love Disney’s Contemporary Resort, it’s only a short monorail ride or walk to the Magic Kingdom…how convenient!

TouringPlans has a great tool, Room Finder, that provides views of every single hotel room on Walt Disney World property. While availability of views is sporadic for Deluxe Resorts, you should be able to find a view close to the room you think you want, and see how it looks. TouringPlans can even send a fax to Disney’s Contemporary Resort with your room request for you.

Click on the blue text above to access Room Finder.

Thanks for responding. I did check the room finder, but that didn’t help. What I’m specifically looking for is: is there a difference in the rooms on a floor? In other words, is the room at the end of the hall different than the one next to it? Are the rooms in the middle (i.e. Close to the elevators) the only ones with balconies? The views in the room finder seem to indicate there is a difference, which is why I’m asking.

All the rooms are the exact same and all have balconies. There is not any obstructed views on the lake side from what I can remember.

Thanks MinnieMia! We actually returned from our trip a couple of weeks ago, and I can confirm what you say. On the lake side, all the rooms appear to have the the exact same balcony, and basically the same unobstructed view, notwithstanding that higher floors have a higher view. Chef Micky and the bar are toward the south end of the 4th floor, gift shop, etc. are toward the north end of the 4th floor (lobby and all other amenities are on floors 1-3, so are below the 4th floor area, which is the level open to the interior atrium of the building.) Elevators are in the middle.

One thing I would add: if you’re staying on the lake side, you can still watch the fireworks from the atrium balcony just outside your door. (i.e. the “hallway”), as the north end of the building is a large glass wall that looks out on the MK. You can even simply walk down the hallway to the exterior staircase at the end of the hall, and have an incredible, open-air, unobstructed view of the show, as good as anybody’s view on the MK side of the building. (just be sure to prop the door open, as it will lock behind you, forcing you to walk down the stairs to 1st floor.) Yea, you can’t do it in your underwear sitting in your bed, but walking a few steps down the hall isn’t so hard.