Contemporary Resort Room Help

Hello, looking at CR TPV for 4 nights. I’ve never stayed there before. Can anyone familiar with the resort tell me:

  1. Are there any rooms that do not connect to a neighboring room?
  2. Where are the elevators located?
  3. Any other suggested requests that would help us have a quieter room.
  4. Is it really that noisy in the tower? Did you hear the monorail concourse in your room?


Request a high floor, opposite end from Chef Mickey’s. We were on the 10th floor facing the lake. Our room did not connect to the room next door. Elevators are in the center of the Tower. The noise wasn’t at all bad for us. We loved staying there and hope you do too!


Thanks! Do you happen to remember which room it was? That might help me figure out which ones don’t connect.

Yes. It was 4621.

Thanks again!!


We stayed in the tower last year for MNSSHP. Our room had a park view, but I don’t remember the number. We were not that far from the elevators and on the side the monorail runs. With that said, here was our experience…LOVED IT! I too heard all the clamor about the noise and I found it to be completely unfounded. Our room was quite and peaceful. The elevators are across a ‘bridge’ from the rooms, so even if you were right by them, you don’t hear it. We didn’t have an adjoining room, but since I can’t remember our RM#, that doesn’t help with your question. Overall, it was great and I would totally stay in the tower again. The one thing I will say is we splurged for a park view, but we had so much going on, we only watched the fireworks from our balcony one night. The premium we paid was not worth it for us, but staying in the tower is great.


It has been too long since I stayed there to remember my room number or floor, but we had no problems with noise. We had the Bay Lake view and loved it. It is so pretty and you get the benefit of it being pretty all day and night. I like that view better which is great because its cheaper too!


The noise isnt very bad at all outside your room… inside you do not hear a thing.

I know there is no view of the parks, and I may be the odd one, but my preference is 1st floor garden wing.

Ideal situation is the first building closest to the tower, facing the lake / pool and first floor.

  1. No elevator needed
  2. Right at the pool
  3. Food is very close and you can use the steps if you want to enter tower building
  4. Quiet and quiet - but soooooo close to the action
  5. The walk to MK is beyond easy

We lucked out with 5105 and 5112 room numbers. The $$ savings were nice and since we were either in MK or another park at night, we didn’t miss the park view. We used the location to the pool more than we used the park views.

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