Contemporary Garden Wing Room Upgrade Odds

I noticed that the garden wing has like four standard view rooms (slight exaggeration, but still relatively few). I’ve put in a room request for what I think would be a good standard location through the fax thing, but I was wondering if that would actually hurt my chances of an upgrade in this scenario. Would I be better to not make a room request and inquire about an upgrade when we check in? I realize that I could make a room request for a garden view, but I am understanding that this is frowned upon. Thoughts?

Can’t speak to the odds of upgrades as I’ve never tried it (and don’t put much faith in my odds if I would) but…

who the heck said that? They’re wrong. Try and get the room YOU want. It’s YOUR vacation and YOU are the one paying for it.

I always enter a room request and have done the Garden Wing twice and both times I was upgraded to the Tower. Once was for only one night but the other time was for an entire week.