Contemporary Garden Wing Room Request

What is best practice for room request for garden wing at CR? We have a standard room in the garden wing. Our priority is first floor and we would love to request a garden view versus standard…the question is if requesting a different room type than booked be more harm than help?

Len has said do not request a room that isn’t what you booked, as WDW cannot give it to you unless it is an oversold situation. They will then have no idea what you want and assign something random.

Thanks. So request what you are assigned with priority to preference and at check in maybe try our chances that there might be “an upgrade” available. I recalled something with that and could not recall the specs.

Yes, this is what I would do. It never hurts to ask for an upgrade at checkin, just be prepared you might have to pay for it if you really want it. Also, check the room views and see if you can find one that is standard, but actually looks at gardens. There are rooms at AKL that are standard but have great animal views and I wouldn’t be surprised if they exist at CR as well.