Contemporary Garden Rooms

Does the garden wing have elevators to get to the 2nd and 3rd floors? I have never made a room request before and am concerned about my mom walking up too many stairs to get to the room. She had a hard time at POR when we ended up on the top floor of our building. I want her to be comfortable getting to the room. If I need to switch resorts, I want to do it sooner rather than later.

How do you make a room request? I know they are not guaranteed but I want to do what I can for her.

Yes, the CR garden wing has elevators.

I will let others describe the way to make a room request via TP (it starts with having a trip set up on your dashboard).

Have you thought about booking an accessible room? May be too late, but worth a chance. That way, the room will always either be on a lower floor with no steps, or have an elevator. That’s an actual room type you book. This isn’t cheating

However, if you can’t get one, on the room request, tell them what you want and why you need it.

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I think there are a few things to consider when requesting a room in the garden wing:

  • What floor do you want?
  • What view? I believe the options are Standard (=parking lot) or Garden (=everything else - pool, the lake, garden / walkways)
  • How far from the main building do you want to be? It can be up to a 1000ft walk from the Contempo lobby to the very furthest room

If you haven’t yet, check room maps, locations and views here:

By selecting “Standard View/2 Queen Beds” or “Garden View/2 Queen Beds” as Room Type, you will see the options for the Garden Wing. The map is side ways so the bottom left corner is closest to the main building and the top right corner is the furthest away.

My personal opinion: as far as location goes, the lake view rooms have a beautiful view, but I’d avoid the last corner, I didn’t like the long walk after an exhausting day. The pool side will have more traffic and noise than the lake side.

As for requesting a room, you can do that by typing it in your reservation and then calling ahead and/or when checking in online (as outlined here), or using the Touring Plans system which does it for you. I haven’t used it myself but there are instructions and threads on it.

I second what @SirGreggLadyV said about getting an assessible room if possible. I found the reservations CMs really good about accommodating mobility issues. You can even ask for a shower chair for your room if standing while showering is troublesome.


Thank you everyone! All great suggestions and I am relieved elevators are an option. I will definitely make a room request for 1st floor.

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