Contacting WDW from uk

We are visiting wdw in May this year and have growing concerns about their focus on the 50th anniversary, making improvements for the event, but potentially impacting on guest experiences this year.

The epcot maze and construction work is a major eye sore in itself, but it also sounds like the castle may now be effected while they change that for the 50th.

I have visited wdw numerous times and experienced building projects before, but would consider writing to wdw ahead of our visit, with concerns, as these projects are a larger scale. Do people think Disney are interested in guests concerns?

They will reply. Often it’s just a standard line, but sometimes someone will call and talk to you about a complaint. I don’t think they would in this case. They’ll probably send you a reply saying how they are investing in the parks to improve guest experience, but will try to make sure guests aren’t impacted during construction. But it won’t do any harm to voice your concerns.


It’s a valid concern and one that they should take heed of. I agree that they will likely give a standard response, but it’s certainly worth an email.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Thank you for the encouragement. I have visited during the new fantasyland construction and even stayed at the Caribbean beach resort when they were pulling down buildings in prep for the riviera resort. We stayed in Trinidad and it really didn’t impact on our experience. Sweetened by a $750 gift card.

It’s the scale that astonishes me this time. We all know that there will always be improvements for guest experience and refurbs, and hopefully this will not be our last chance to visit the USA and wdw.

Epcot does need updating, but the whole central section and space ship earth is a void. So sad. I would love Disney to try and reduce the impact, by addressing sections at a time rather than racing for it all to be ready for the anniversary. Thanks again and I will keep you posted.

Us brits are more used to apologising rather than voicing our concerns :grinning:

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You could always write and tell them how sorry you are for imposing on them while they’re decorating!! :rofl:


:grinning: lol

Think I am more concerned that the castle might be affected :frowning:

Well, we could call it even because we didn’t realize until right before our UK trip a couple of years ago that Big Ben would be all scaffolded except for one side! :wink:


I feel I should apologise for that😀

Genuinely though I hope you had a great trip👍

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Oh, it was! Obviously a landmark well worth preserving. We just convinced ourselves that our pictures would go “unique”. Probably a valid approach on the castle as well…

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I have considered my photos may be of construction walls and scrims.

I’ll have join instagram!

No matter what, we always enjoy our wdw vacations and there are so many new attractions that have opened since 2018 We know we won’t be disappointed.

Probably over thinking it, because this is the first time we have persuaded other family members to stay with us in the bubble rather than offsite. We want it to be the best experience.


Just my take, but I would consider what they are doing now as being addressed in sections, it’s not like they are redoing the entire park even though it is a big a central part that is undergoing renovation. But like you said, it’s necessary and I think the alternative would be to have really small parts under reconstruction for a long, long time.

Personally I think these sort of things are unfortunate but inevitable, especially considering the enormous size of the entire resort. If the updates would be done in very small bits, it would fall behind in staying up to date.

It could be worse… you could have been there for the 25th anniversary and the pink castle.

Imagine not expecting that and having that in your family photos… yikes


Wow I had forgotten what a shocker that was!!

Thanks to you all

I did share my concerns about the scale of the developments at Epcot and all the preparations for the anniversary that could effect people’s experiences during a 2020 vacation.

The reply was thoughtful and considerate and pixie dust aside I was pleased to hear that my comments were Being shared with the leadership team, along with the appropriate management, as feedback is taken seriously.

I am sure some of you will know if this is a standard response, but I promised I would feedback.

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