Considering your priorities for a trip

Consider a scenario where you had modest budget of X for a family trip and definitely wanted to stay on property:
Which would you choose for you if budget were an issue–all include flights and random expenses but differ in duration, resort, and extras? Why? Pros/cons?

A) 9 nights/10 days (9-day tickets) at value, whatever dining you wanted, more time out of parks, no extra events
B) 6 nights/7 days (6-day tickets) at moderate, whatever dining you wanted no extra events
C) 6 nights/7 days (6-day tickets) at value with a few TS and DAH and HEA dessert party
D) 4 nights/ 5 days (4-day tickets) at moderate, with a few TS and DAH and HEA dessert party
E) 4 nights/5 days (4-day tickets) at deluxe, with a few TS, no extras

I’m sure everyone has different priorities and for some budget isn’t an issue for these variables. Debating this around here right now with varying opinions. For us, kids have been 5-6 times, have 2 adults, 2 teens, 2 Disney children, and will probably return in 2 years. Trying to prioritize as the add-ons are so enticing but so expensive for our 6.

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I’d go with C, but I’d skip the “extras” and add more TS meals. I’ve never felt that there were enough “extras” ad MID’s to justify the significant price jump from the values. I’d rent DVC points before I went to a moderate.

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My knee jerk is the longer trip at the value, allowing more down time. But I don’t know that I could live that long in a value with my family without getting really grouchy.

Gotta say, I really enjoy the deluxes.

But probably I would choose the mod with out extras. I like to eat at TS


Great alternative to get me my deluxe at mod pricing

This is hard! On first look I think, the more days the better. But I like to stay moderate or deluxe unless I am solo. We also eat TS most meals, plus always do the HEA dessert party. I also want to book MK After Hours for our spring break trip, and maybe EMM at HS. I actually might choose C as if gives the best balance. I would only book at Pop though as the refurbed rooms are really nice. 6 day tickets, I am guessing 2 rooms at Pop with 4 kids would be necessary, DAH and HEA plus some TS meals. B or D would be my second choice but 4 day tickets is a no-go on that for me, so I guess B. But I would give up some TS dining for DAH or HEA and eat PB&J for dinner that night. Yeah, I have a hard time with a budget. I always add things/meals/extras and then work more to pay for it. :laughing:


Just coming back from All Star Movies and I think I was an idiot to pay more than 400$ a night to stay at WL on the previous trip !!! For me, more days spent there is waaaaaaaaaay more important than getting a fancier hotel. So I would definitely go for option A. Although I thought HEA dessert party was really awesome so maybe I would change option A a little bit ? TS for me is not worth it; I can go to restaurants all year long at home. I don’t know what DAH means.


I like to rent points too, but the cost is often very different. For example, BWV rented points for a studio over spring break for us comes out to $334 a night all in. I have 3 other nights booked at Coronado Springs, it is $180 a night all in. Not even close money wise. I actually quite like the moderates. Very quiet, nice pools, bigger rooms than the values.

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DH and I are 1s. We would like to stay at a higher category but alas, we are cheap and unwilling to shell out more $$$ for fancier scenery.

This is key! You both have the same vote!!! :laughing:

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In fairness there is more than just fancy scenery.

That said as @Wahoohokie said I am very happy to stay value when it’s me solo or just with DH. Add lore people and we need more space and spaces to spread out.


Why? The room sizes or the amenities or you just can’t do values? We’d have 2 rooms wherever we end up.

Four of us in a tiny value room with one bathroom for 9 days? No full service restaurants? No sprawling spaces (indoor and out) to stretch our legs comfortably? Nope.

I know those are definitely points to consider. We have never stayed at value before–last few trips with kids have been POR/CBR with 2 rooms. My last two adult trips have been AKL and WL, which I agree were awesome. Especially liked having the bar/restaurant option. Currently have POP and CSR booked.

Anyone feel like the extras (parties, DAH, etc.) are essential? Can you enjoy without (if you know they exist)?

Now just DH and I or me alone? Value me up.

Two rooms may help. But gets pricey.

How about the suites at AoA?

C with no DAH and more TS plus HEA dessert

If it were my money, I’d do A. I’m willing to put up with a lot (getting up early, fighting crowds, eating QS) to ride, ride, ride and save some cash. If it were someone else’s money and I had to consider their priorities, I would probably end up with B. In fact, we’re about 20 days away from embarking on our 7 night/7 day (7 ticket) CBR trip with no extras paid for by grandpa and grandma.

I would do B. If you’ve seen HEA, I would skip the dessert party. I have a family of 5 and I agree with you on the cost of the extras. And I wouldn’t go 10 days with my family, it would just be too long for them. We also love eating TS.

Yes, you can enjoy without. We did do the HEA dessert party last trip because we had not seen it before and I can get claustrophobic. But we have no plans to do so again on our next trip. We have a blast. With rope drop, ADRs, FPs, extra FPs day of, and all the information I have accumulated from TP and a few other sources, I don’t feel the need to do all the extras. We have been doing every other year the last couple of trips and there has always been something new to see. The extras are tempting, but can be very expensive for a large family. So if you had fun before without them, you won’t need them.

Our family of 6 does A. No contest for us!